06 October 2010

Filofax, and Separate Diary Book

Today was Open House at the school, and while I was milling around in my child's classroom I noticed a personal size Mode Filofax sitting on top of an academic-year weekly diary book (which I guessed because of 2010-2011 printed on the spine, and the thinness of the book indicated weekly not daily).  Taking a break from discussing my child's academic achievements, I took the opportunity to chat up the teacher about her Filofax usage.

Turns out she is relatively new to the Filofax world, having recently received her Mode as a birthday gift. However she said already she doesn't know what she would do without her Filofax. She did say that the day spaces on the weekly diary pages are too small for her, so she keeps a separate diary book (the page size of her dairy book looked to be A5 or slightly larger) so she has enough room to write. Also, as a teacher she needs her diary to follow the academic year, so her diary book is the school year format.

This is the second person I've met in Scotland who keeps a Filofax for information and lists, but a separate diary book for the larger day spaces.  (You can read about the first such encounter here.)  Is this a Scotland thing?  I think I've met my Filofax kindred here, who love their Filofaxes but just need more space to write each day darnit.

Of course I told her about Philofaxy, and she seemed somewhat intrigued that there could be an entire blog all about Filofaxes.

So, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who likes my Filofaxes but has to use a different book for my diary to have larger day spaces. Does anyone else do this?


  1. No! I love using my filofax as a diary and for lists!

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  3. Laurie, I'm apparently somehow missing the point, but why not change the diary size/setup so that it suits your needs? A filofax can also hold an academic year diary. She could use 2 days per page, or even 1 page per day. The possibilities are endless. If she's already using the A5 size for her diary, she could even switch to the A5 Filofaxes. I mean, if she loves Filofax that much and isn't obliged to use that academic year diary, what's to stop you?
    That said, I love that you chat people up about their Filofaxes. While I'm thrilled if I find anybody with a Filofax, I never dare to comment on it ...

  4. I haven't seen anyone use both, maybe a Scottish thing! Hehe, shows Laurie is a Scotswoman at heart! I always comment on people's filofaxes at work and it starts up nice conversations even with people I dont work with on a daily basis. There is a lot of Filofax love out there!,

  5. Jotje, I pointed out to her that Filofax diary inserts are available in the academic year format, which she was not aware of.

    Like I said, she is very new to the Filofax world, and received hers as a gift, so she may not be aware of all the possibilities.

    However, in my own experience and from talking to other people who feel the same way, an A5 Filofax binder is too big and bulky, so for some people (myself included) it's more convenient to use a smaller Filofax and a slimmer diary book with larger pages.

    I usually find myself unable to hold my tongue in the presence of a Filofax! :)

  6. This problem could be solved by a Slimline A5! What the heck is Filofax waiting for? We've begging for one for ages now!!!!

  7. YES. A slimline A5 would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people, myself included!!!

    PLEASE Filofax! A real, actual slimline A5 please!!

  8. I thought the A5 Adelphi was supposed to be the 'slimline' A5, it only has 20mm rings


  9. "I usually find myself unable to hold my tongue in the presence of a Filofax! :)"

    Probably those stories would make good blog posts.

  10. Steve the Adelphi is called the "slimline A5" due to the smaller ring size and no closure. But, inside the front cover there is a big gusseted full-length pocket that adds bulk, and inside the back cover is a notepad which also adds bulk. So the overall effect is not slimline.

    A true A5 slimline binder, in my opinion, would be only just wide enough to cover the pages, and would have no notepad or extra pockets in the cover in order to make the binder as streamlined as possible.

  11. Such an interesting post. I only have notes pages in my Filofax (it's a microfile actually). I have just never found a Filifax diary insert that suits my needs. I want appointment times but not horizontal set up. I'd like a week on one page. And a notes page opposite. I could diy it but that's awkward in a personal size.
    Oh and I'm in Scotland....