04 October 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 35

So what questions do you have for us this week?

And the picture in case you are wondering is the difference between 25mm rings and 30 mm rings on a couple of my A5's


  1. haha. I was just looking this up yesturday!
    How much more can you fit on a 30 mm ring than a 25 mm. I want to get the chameleon A5, but I'm not sure just because its only 25 mm.

  2. Just thought I would update everyone on my quest for a black amazona personal.

    I was spending the weekend in a field in the middle of Wales with friends/dogs etc. The wonderful Steve went to a lot of trouble to inform me about the offer at Neal Street. I ended up with a text message, an email, a mobile message, and an answerphone message. However - because of the vagaries of the mobile phone coverage in Wales I had three opportunities to call Neal Street and on each occasion they didn't answer the phone (must have been busy in the shop) and on one later occasion the call kept dropping.

    I can only assume that this was not meant to be. I will keep looking - also I am tempted to call them and see if they would still honour the offer, but I doubt they would.

  3. PS I shouldn't grumble too much as I already have a cream personal Deco and an ivory Panama - I'd have to sell one or more of these to recoup the cost of the amazona as 'him indoors' is starting to grumble about the quantity of filofax goods around our home!

  4. Thank you Alison, well it was worth a try.

    Emotional Pear I would estimate that the difference between 25 and 30mm is about 50-60 pages more.

    I've not actually done it by loading both up with paper. But the other day I was ask how many pages a 19mm Pocket holds.

    That easily took 220 pages which is about 19-20mm thick. so 50-60 pages must be about 5mm thick?

    If I get a moment I will load both the 25 and 30 mm A5's and see what they can take in practice.

  5. Is it my imagination - Filofax seem to have just started promoting their 2011 collection (from their home page) this seems awfully late for me - I'd be thinking about 2012 by now!

  6. @ Alison Reeves - sorry to hear you didn't manage to get through to Neal Street :(

    I'm about to return a newly purchased personal raspberry Metropol. Fab colour, but just doesn't compare to my Malden & I don't need it!

  7. @Anita - yes the old want versus need! I don't actually need any more filofaxes - I just want them! Although there does seem to be a holy grail - once people find the one they love they suddenly don't need any more. This seems to have happened with lots of people and the Malden!

  8. Filofax’s 2011 collection even includes 2012 Olympic binders! Should we assume they are to be dropped before 2012?

    Of Filofax’s various discounts, the one I can’t understand is the Malden Personal in Crimson, half price at £36. Seems to be another example of them giving away stock, though not as crazy as the German sell off.

  9. I just saw that my lecturer has a Filofax! I don't know which type, but it's black, personal sized, leather, and with a pen loop on the right so it's not a chameleon. I think he was using WO2P inserts, but I could only see it from a distance. Ooh exciting! It's only the second one I have ever seen in person!!

  10. Just wait until November and you will be spoilt with so many around the table!

    But well spotted, is it rude to ask what type it is? !!

  11. i am just excited to see someone on here with the username "emotional pear" YAY!

  12. Home sense have some slimline personal Amazonas for sale in black,.... also red ones.... half the RRP normal cost. Hope you're lucky Alison! xxxxx

  13. emotional pear (if you're still tuned in...),
    I'd estimate the difference at about 80 - 100 pages: that's how much extra I've been able to fit into an old binder with larger rings. The 25mm rings hold *a lot* of information - I'm using Personal size, and A5 is much more accommodating. P.S. I <3 your username.

  14. Thanks for the help! 80 pages is still a lot though... hmm..

  15. Hello!

    I wonder if someone could write anything aboutg methods on how use and organize their filofax a5 planner, anything more about time management please. Thanks

  16. I blogged on my Paper Pens Ink blog about my time-management system and also did a guest blog on it, a few weeks ago. It's in a personal, but could easily be adapted to an A5.
    PPI blog:

    Guest blog post on Paper love story:

    Either of those any use?

  17. Hello,

    I am a new visitor who is looking for a Finsbury personal in aqua. Nothing avail on the filofax site or ebay.

    Any suggestions on online retailers? I am in Canada.


  18. Thanks very much Amanda will have a look! :)
    Cheryl try Staples I have ordered a5 in aqua from them :)

  19. I've been into whsmiths to check out the domino filos. I'm not convinced if I'm totally honest. The smooth leather just seems very... scratchable. I know that they are a cheaper filo and the material wont compare to my finchleys but like I said before, I'm not convinced they will be durable. Anyone who has a domino, could you tell me if you have to be very careful with the binder - I would be very disappointed to have a scratched filofax... thanks :)

  20. Deeji, the Domino covers are not leather, they are synthetic and they do scratch very easily. If you carry your Filofax in your bag and you want the cover to remain pristine-looking, I don't recommend the Domino! But, it's so (relatively) inexpensive that many people deal with the scratch marks.

  21. mija if you haven't seen Jotje's guest post on Task and Time Management with Filofax I highly recommend it:


    Hers is personal size but you could easily adapt the methods with an A5.

  22. I have a personal size domino in red, I use it very heavily and chuck it in my bag, the console in my car, etc. Has not scratched at all. It does have some sort of indentation where I put it down on top of some small object and an impression was left.
    I tend to love the look of a well worn filofax.
    The elastic band around the domino takes dirt badly.
    No real complaints here.


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