28 October 2011

Free for All Friday No. 154

I've always appreciated, and been fascinated by, Filofax's effort to provide its diaries with reminds of all important dates for people around the world. Even the moon cycles are indicated for those who need to know (or just like to know) that information.

Another case in point: Time-change reminders. This weekend, your Filofax will tell you that, if you're in Europe, it's time to turn your clocks back an hour. "Summer Time" is over. In the US and Canada, "Daylight Saving Time" ends next weekend.

One important date that's not indicated is the end of the world, although according to some, it was supposed to be May 21, 2011, until it was changed to October 21, 2011.

Has anyone checked their Filofax for December 21, 2012?


  1. A while back there was a design competition in filofaxusa. Just wonder anybody actually won? What was the winning design?

  2. Actually, it annoys me that FF puts all that extra junk on my page! I don't need it cluttering up my page and robbing me of writing real estate. (I live in the one part in Canada where we don't change our clocks ever.)

  3. I extremely appreciate all the holidays and reminders in the Filofax diary pages. When I lived in Scotland I loved that UK (and even Scotland-specific) holidays are printed in the day spaces. Having the US holidays there remind me what's going on back home. And now that I'm living in Indonesia, I find it extremely helpful that Indonesian holidays are indicated (with the symbol RI). And, I love the moon phases too. Thank goodness daylight savings time/ European time changes are indicated, because I wouldn't otherwise know! We don't change our clocks here in Indonesia (because we are so close to the equator there's no real seasonal shift in the times, 12 and 12 all year round for us) so our time will change relative to everyone else's when you all change your clocks and we don't.

    Whenever I'm using something other than a Filofax as my planner, I refer to my Filofax diary pages to fill in holidays!

  4. Terri, I want to live there, too! Time changes are a real pain with small kids...
    As for indicating holidays, I'd rather have the day spaces uncluttered aswell. I really don't need a reminder that Christmas is on the 25th and 26th of December. I mean .... Duh!!!

  5. Having lived and worked in 5 countries I also find the national and international holidays useful. Knowing when (and what) the national holidays are but also knowing when my friends and family around the world are having holidays too.

    However, I do not find a use for moon phases....not only on FF but calendars in general. I dont understand why it would be useful to know the moons phase?

    And regarding time change... i have lived in countries where it doesnt happen at all, for most of my life and i much prefer it. At the moment I am living in an EU country where it will happen and I am not thrilled.

    Good weekend everyone and speaking in national holidays, here in Bavaria, Germany Tuesday will be a holiday and monday is a "Bruckentag" (bridge day) at work so 4-day weekend for me. :)

  6. I love the date information/reminders as I find them really handy especially when looking ahead to the next year and planning holidays, trips (weddings...)


  7. I find the national holiday section useful (& always check before booking travel). Steve helped me out this week as I could not find out when the clocks "fall back" in the States (I am based in the UK) in my pocket diary (but he had the info in his A5... I needed to know for a work phonecall so useful info to have!

    My French Pocket diary tells me the name of the Saint of the day (which I like!!!) but no info like Christmas Day (which I do know any-way!!!).

    Agree with @Jotje, time changes are a pain with small children....!!!

  8. Hi Nan

    re that 21st December 2012 thing, I have a long and growing list of people and organisations (mostly book publishers) I'm planning to email on 22nd, asking them how they sleep at night given all the weak minded people they've swindled out of money with that Mayan nonsense.....I'm not expecting any replies.....

    Have a great weekend y'all....

  9. “I dont understand why it would be useful to know the moons phase?”

    The gravitational effect of the moon has many effects to this planet, nature revolves around the moon phases and the obvious one is tide times …. the less obvious are periods in which plants grow/wane at different rates or pets that act differently. If you have need to be out at night then the light from a full moon can be beneficial, or be a sign of trouble … as in avoiding bars etc at times of full moon; if you don’t believe me, ask a police officer! It is amazing just how many people act out of character at times of full moon.

    I created my own diary for the first 6 months of 2012 and included moon phases and sun rise/set times, which are also important to me, which can be sourced from:




    The following site is, apart from being great fun, a good source for diary info!


  10. My mom has been a psychiatric nurse for 12 years and she says the phase of the moon really does make a difference. Beware of the full moon!

    And besides, I just like knowing what's going on with the moon, for some reason. I like it so much I have a Current Moon Phase image in the sidebar of my blog!

  11. I also love the date reminders, as I am not originally from the UK and still can't remember when things like bank holidays occur.

    I am also feeling very proud of myself and super organized. I used the personal-size pre-punched and -perforated FF computer paper and have printed out all sorts of essential info (addresses, cover info page, peak train times, basic sock knitting pattern). So I've replaced the messy handwritten pages with neatly printed ones. It's scary how happy that makes me...but I know you all will understand.

  12. guccee - i've been wondering the same thing. i even chanced across couple of the designs back when they were having this thing (i think the deadline was about a year ago) of course did i bookmark them or report them to my local philofaxy rep for additional sharing? nope. shame on me.

    world holidays are a good thing to know. they do take up space on my wpp and i barely look at them, but when i do, i'm glad it's there.

    the moon phase is very important. it is too bad we are so far away from our beings that we disregard natural information right in front of our faces. there are also cultures that follow lunar claendars and have holidays that are very specific to certain phases of the moon.
    2 things i need on my weekly/monthly diary pages: 1) monday start 2) moon phases.

    man, i didn't know the world was supposed to end last friday! if i'd had known i would have prepared for it! oh well. what can you do

  13. I must admit I don't have family and friends in other countries so am less interested in their holiday dates, but given that ours never seem predictable (at least to me!) I appreciate knowing when Easter and bank holidays fall. When I worked in an office the first thing I did when my new diary arrived was to highlight the bank holidays! Probably because I'd try and make my personal holidays revolve around them so my hols lasted longer!

    Don't some people plant their plants and veggies according to the moon phases? I keep meaning to read up about this but I run out of time ...

  14. I trim some hedges at the wrong phase of the moon, end of June/early July, to ensure that I hinder plant growth so that I only have to cut them once per year.

    Each plant has there cycle when sap production goes up/down, it is just a case of taking advantage of it to ensure good growth/crop.

    A google search will reveal lots of info online.

    If there is "junk" on a filofax diary page then it is surely the days of the week in four extra unnecessary languages!

  15. I agree, I'd much rather have holidays than extraneous languages! I don't see how the multi-language versions are needed at all because it seems like all the languages the multi-language inserts have also have their own diary versions (French, German etc.).

  16. oh yeah - that's another thing; the multi-languages! I like to have a lot of wide open space on my filo pages.

  17. Roll up, roll up...
    Competition time on my blog :)

  18. re: moon phases
    I have a DH who is a keen photographer who sometimes asks about the phase of the moon.
    As for the other info - I don't mind the small holiday info but the multi language can annoy me when it starts encroaching, speicially with long weekday names like Wednesday!

  19. "there are also cultures that follow lunar claendars and have holidays that are very specific to certain phases of the moon."

    Hello? You don't have to look very far, because Easter is "scheduled" each year according to the lunar phase!

    I know when I was pregnant that my midwifes were all saying that most babies are born at full moon. Needless to say, MY kids were not impressed and didn't care to wait (or rush) for full moon ...

  20. I exercise outside at night twice a week, so the moonphase thing is good for knowing which nights are brighter. I still have to look up the moonrise times.

    Has anybody ever had a metal zipper replaced? I got a supposedly unused Compact Portobello. That's the one that was compact in that it had smaller rings, but not as small as slimline, and it zipped up. It may have been unused, but the zipper was abused, so a few teeth are broken out at the bottom, and the pull is on one side.

    Any idea how much a new zipper runs? I paid as much for the Filofax as for shipping it. I could return it. A zipper might cost as much as I already put in, but might be worth it.


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