24 October 2011

Share Your Filofax Memories - Update

This October, Filofax and Philofaxy would like to invite you to share your favourite Filofax memory. Whether it’s a tale about your first Filofax, the story of your first visit to the Filofax store or even a moment when a Filofax played an important part in your life, we want to hear from you!

You will be able submit your cherished Filofax memories by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com This can be beautifully handwritten, typed or even drawn onto the special Filofax diary page template which you can download from the link below.

Interested in sharing your Filofax memories? Here’s how to take part:
  1. Download the Filofax diary page template from this link PPT format PDF Format
  2. Write, draw or type your 300-500 word memory onto the Filofax diary page template
  3. Send your memory back by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com
  4. Filofax have kindly offered further organisers for this activity, so the first 6 to enter will receive a lovely personal organiser.
    So do not delay let us have your entries by Wednesday.....


      1. If I could be a little naughty and hijack this thread .....following on from peoples memories of faxes...

        It is two years since the various polls requesting users to identify sizes and quantity of faxes owned.


        Could these be run again? Would be interesting considering all the chopping and changing that everyone says they do.

        Perhaps another poll could be added … if you could only own one size of fax, which would it be?

        Keeping an eye on the prices of faxes on ebay, mainly slimline/A5/A4. It is surprising that some go for prices very different to their original suggested retail selling price while others hold their value very well. The A5 Kendal, to me simply lacking gold rings, appears to be a modern classic. The popularity of some faxes appears to be due to their rareness or people replacing an old “friend”, sometimes just colour or quality of leather … or even the fact that it isn’t leather! I once had a lovely silk covered fax.

        Perhaps we could have various polls to learn the popularity of individual features that make us want the faxes? A poll for cover material, a poll on whether we want a design imprinted, a poll for features such as credit card slots, a poll for zip pockets (something I have always thought a complete waste of space), a poll for type of fastener … press stud/buckle/lock with key … or my all time favourite… a magnetised button (on a WH Smith fax).

        What about a poll to see which features would you like? Elasticated pen loops? A USB stick holder? A coin holder? Make-up accessory with mirror?

      2. Good idea Scoot - perhaps filofax may read and take note!!

        I can't remember where you are so based, so not sure if you follow UK or US ebay - but I too find it interesting to see what sells and what doesn't. Of course the best thing is if you see something you love, but that others don't value, then you get bargain!!!

      3. Alison,

        I'm in the UK. I don't understand Filofax choosing to field the range they do, so many are alike and yet old solid favourites like the Winchesters achieve good prices on ebay yet are no longer made. You'd think they's have an "old favourites" range in limited editions, which should be a good money spinner.