14 October 2011

Free For All Friday No. 152

So the weekend is nearly here again. It couldn't be a better time to sit down and start thinking about your entry for our Filofax competition... 

But as it is Friday you are of course free to discuss anything Filofax related.


  1. Hi!
    Just got my new a5 planner and have no idea how to organize it. I am a student, will be a mom soon and working part-time. Anyone would like to share any ideas, please? :)
    I have already red Jotje brilliant post about time management, but still looking for some more ideas :)

  2. Hello,

    Ive just received my pocket malden (((love))), is there a notepad that fits in the back slot ?

    Lou x

  3. Lisa here:


    But buy via a link on Philofaxy ok


  4. I've just ordered the songbird, and am thinking of collecting the canvas designs... do they change them quite often? Thanks Sharry

  5. Also, sorry- im on a roll here... do the family lifestyle packs still exist? Or are there similar pages available- these would be a godsend to me!!
    Thanks again,

  6. Does anyone use Day Timer, Franklin Covey, etc diary pages? I'm thinking of getting them in A5 size for business use. I know I will have to repunch them, but just wondered if it worked or if they were a real mess? I've been pondering for a while as sadly the filofax inserts don't cut it for me. The filofax binders are 'prettier' but the inserts don't suit. I have some of the filofax 3 hole re-enforing strips which would probably help!

  7. Sharry,
    I wondered that, too. I noticed that the city dweller pack is only available with a diary through December 2011. It should be July 11 to December 12 by now.
    You can find the family lifestyle pack if you put family in the search box on the UK site then klick add to basket. There are lots of other pages but I'm not convinced it is worth it with only 3 months of diary left.

  8. Thanks Estelle-

    I think i'm a bit confused- its not the diary bit i need really- its all the other notes bits that looked useful... maybe i shouln't be so lazy and create my own sections in my filo!

  9. @allison reeves: i use franklin covey and love them! i use them in a personal size binder, but if you are willing to re-punch they will work in the A5 as well. i love the paper and the designs. i agree...FF inserts don't do it for me either.

  10. Alison: The only thing I found I didn't like about using other companies' inserts in my Filo is that they all seem to be wider than the binders. I haven't tried A5 size though.

    I love Franklin inserts. :)

  11. Hi!
    I was just wondering if anyone knew offhand what personal (or perhaps A5)size filofaxes have 30mm rings? My filo at the moment has the smaller size and I struggle to fit everything I want to in it.

    Also - are there any other students here? Perhaps organising a research project? I'd really like to hear about how you organise your filo to correspond with uni as I've not found a system that really works for me yet...

    Thanks! H :) xxx

  12. @Estelle: According to Filofax UK they are giving up on the City Dweller pack due to poor sales so it won't be available with a 2012 diary.

  13. Hello everyone! I have been thinking very carefully about what diary format will work best for me for 2012. I don't need to buy anything, as my Domino came with July 2011-December 2012 in a week on two pages format, but that format is really too small for my needs, and I need time slots or things end up out of chronology. I was planning to buy day on 2 pages, for optimal space, but opted instead for day per page for my day to day, plus month on two pages for planning out in advance. I already type up day plans for the following day on my work computer and cut them down to personal size and stick in the diary as a running to-do/time map for the following day, so I think that will fill the needs without needing all the paper associated with 2 pages to a day. Let's hope this works well! All the posts and comments here on Philofaxy were incredibly helpful in making my decision. Thanks to everyone!

  14. I was wondering whether anyone knows where I can get some english cotton cream diary inserts which are lined? I bought 4 filos from the great german train robbery and they all came with a beautiful wo2p lined cotton cream diary. As some of these were gifts, I have bought some cotton cream english diaries but these are not lined... Just like the lined idea, it may keep my filo a bit neater. I have pinched a few of these, from the filos I bought, for 2012 but it looks like I'll be ordering my diary from Germany in the future.
    Has anyone else encountered this? :)


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