31 October 2011

How Many Filofaxes Do You Own - Poll Result

We asked the question again about How Many Filofaxes Do You Own?

Thank you to the 350 people that responded, quite a turn out. Two years ago we asked the same question and got 82 people to respond, so a big increase and a more representative sample size to look at.

This year I increased the number of categories to improve the accuracy of results. So here are the results, click on the picture to see a full size version.

As you might expect people owning only one Filofax out number the rest and it drops off more or less as expected, but then starts climbing back up again once you get to 10 Filofaxes!

I then recalculated the numbers based on the categories from two years ago so we could compare the two results more closely. This produced a few surprises!

I know you can prove anything with statistics, but you have to admit it is interesting to see the 'upward' trend in ownership....

Here it is in percentage terms, only having 3,4 or 5 is decreasing!

Thanks again to everyone that took part and please take part in the new poll in the side bar. Again a rerun of one we did 2 years ago.


  1. Amazing the difference between 09 and 11 :-D WOW!!!!!!! :-D

  2. Any chance of re-running the poll on size of fax?

  3. Since taking the poll I've gone from 1 to 2. You guys are a bad influence. I imagine a 3rd in the very near future.

  4. @Jen
    Since taking the original poll I've gone from 2 to 10. Prepare yourself!

  5. Really interesting result. Especially that last time around the two-fax-owners outnumbered the rest.
    And maybe this is the math-nut in me speaking, but I think you should do a comparison in percentages, not actual numbers as the sizes of the sets of votes are not equal. You know my email addrss if you want me to do it for you.

  6. @girlinmaths, Sorry I've forgotten your email address. Email Philofaxy please... and I will send you the spreadsheet so you can have a play with the data yourself.


  7. Percentage results now added. Thanks for the request, I will do the same on the next one too.

  8. thank you girlinmaths!! what a great
    juggle with figures.

    in my opinion the percentage comparison points out not only a growing filofax community (the rise in 1 filofax)
    it also shows that once somebody bought a filofax, you never get loose of it. But you get so heavily convinced by the quality of the products and their use for you, that you can´t stop to get another and another and another (growing amount of over 10s) ^^

    filofax <3 and all of you