25 October 2011

Free For All Tuesday No 38

We are inching closer to the end of October, but what ever you want to ask questions about Filofax.... this is the place to ask them.


  1. Hi all

    Just resurfacing after the Big Move, and I have my lovely new solid wood desk (which I bought pretty much by accident!) to work from now.

    ‘Boxed’ filing system is working well, and I plan to continue it into the foreseeable future and beyond. Just a few issues getting used to the precise location of each box within my new (much smaller) office. I’m discovering that smaller office size works well for me, so no complaints there.

    As regards organisation, I have yesterday ordered the TMI 2012 refill pack (including all the dated daily/weekly/annual plans), and I shall be using the TM as my primary organiser for 2012. Much as I love my Filofax Malden Personal, it’s just too small, and requires too much extra structural attention, to make it work for me, whereas the TM is mid-way in size between the Personal and far-too-bulky A5 FF sizes, offers me enough page space, but is a sensible size to carry out at the weekend. Also it has that very mice detachable wallet for times when I really *don’t* want to arrive somewhere (usually at the weekend or on an evening) carrying a full organiser. I’ll be setting it up along classical TMI principles, not according to GTD (so far as I know at this stage). I used the TM system for 20+ years before GTD came onto the scene, and it seems to have always worked well for me in the past. Although the ‘world has changed’ argument can be levelled at this, I think putting the emphasis on pro-activity (which TMI certainly does) is the right way to go for me. Best of all, the TM system allows me to see simultaneous daily, weekly *and* monthly views side by side, with an annual view right behind, and my full ‘decision base’ (TMI jargon) right behind that. Having thought long and hard, I don’t think I can beat that with any other system.

    So there it is....for now! Watch this space, and I’ll report back on how it’s going. Maybe worth a blog?

  2. I've just bought Kindle and must say....I'm in love. So I downloaded all Philofaxy yearbooks and started to read from beginning. Then I realised, that this blog was started the same month of 2005 as I bought my first Filo :o) Strange I found this blog many many years later.
    Good Tuesday to everyone.

  3. Has anyone heard that the Cuban Zip in personal size is being discontinued?

  4. Does anyone know the largest ring size available in Personal? I am currently using a Finsbury A5 and am considering trying to downsize as I give up my full time job in December. I love a fat filo! Thanks.

  5. @Lynne...I think it`s 30 mm, but only for zipped filos....e.g.Cuban zipped personal.

  6. Brand new Filo owner here, just started using it yesterday. I'm in love. I got the Personal Cuban in Saddle Brown. I love the organizer. However, it doesn't lay flat. Now I have a debate. Should I switch to one that does or be patient and hope mine loosens up?

    If my impatience wins out, other than Malden, which ones are supple enough to lay flat?

  7. @Jen - the Finchley lies flat. And so do my urbans.

  8. Hi David,

    As a fellow TMI devotee for many years (25 in my case), I keep drifting back to the Time Manager structure too - even though I'm currently on a Flex by Filofax based system (in a Holborn binder with amputated ring mechanism - but that's another story!). Hope it works well for you. Tim

  9. @Tim - you mentioned in a previous post about the hole positions in the A5 TMI pages. My A5 TMI dividers arrived today - they are wider than the filofax ones - if you trim off the excess you can repunch with just the Filofax holes. Therefore you can get only 6 holes and not the ten you feared.

    If you are interested in talking TMI (or any other system) you could join us on Yahoo groups. Let David or I know if you want to join in.

  10. Hi Alison,

    I too shaved off the excess width from the left of a set of A5 TMI dividers, repunched and successfully used them in a Filofax A5 binder. For some reason, it wasn't a success for me though and I forced myself to use Filofax Time Management dividers instead.

    A few months ago, I did try joining the discussion group that you and David are involved in, following its mention on Filofaxy. But it still says my application is "awaiting approval"!