11 October 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 36

So what Filofax related questions do you have for us this week?

Yes I have already asked when UK will be getting a 90 products for 9 days at £9 sale.... no I didn't get an answer....


  1. Has anyone had the chance to use the Filofax registration thingy? Did you ever lose a Filo and have it returned to you through the registration program? I'm wondering if and how it really works.

  2. I am going to join a slimming group this week as I want to lose weight and need all the help I can get. Does anyone use their Filofax to help with diet, health and fitness? If so what do you record and how? Just got to decide which size to use. I'll only use it at home and to take my class.

  3. Does anyone know of any filofax sales (on any website) coming up or going on at the moment?

    I'd love to get a new (or another) one, however I'm not sure my bank balance can take it!

  4. For those who switch and change their diary formats or who like me have a collection of Filofaxes - what do you do with all the unused diary pages?

    Do you bin them in the recycle or re-use them for scrap paper or cut the dates off and use as to-do's/notes between the diary pages?

  5. Awaiting arrival of my pocket malden, im thinking of the dividers and what topic each will have, im thinking of my banking tab, are you carefull what information you put in this?, where do you all store banking logs on codes etc?

  6. @lisa - I have a separate filo that stays at home near the computer with all my logons and passwords including bank info. I don't carry that kind of information around with me.

  7. @alison
    Tali is blogging about her diet here http://honeyishrunk.blogspot.com/
    i could imagine that she also uses her filofax for her diet. maybe u should ask her.

    filofax.dk has a little sale. u can read more about it, in the last post here on philofaxy.

    i also have a finance-tab in my current filofax, that joins me everywhere. the logon details are on a little post it.
    just the 2 numbers for my onlinebanking login. but they are not in my finance section. they are "somewhere" in my filofax. so nobody could use them, or even know for what they are.
    in my finance tab there´s a list of all my expences and my overheads.

  8. Heads up - 2012 catalogue on Filofax Sweden :)


    PS - Love this blog so much!!! I have fallen very quickly and deeply in love with Filofax because of it...this really is the only place to come if you have no choice but to buy online (Australian prices are pure evil! lol) and need to base your choices on reputation alone.

  9. Just had a glance at the new Malden colours in the Swedish catalogue...to die for!! ^_^ (Yes, my first purchase was a crimson Malden - everyone had such positive things to say about it, and I adore it.)

  10. @rabbit For a minute I thought I had missed something.. but look here from last month:

    Also I don't see any new colours in the Malden range in the catalogue those are the colours we currently have as far as I can see?

  11. @Steve - oh perhaps it's just the colours displaying on my PC - look much richer than present colours. Here I was getting all excited haha

  12. @Alison Reeves I am a slimming world consultant and I am also trying to set mine up to use to keep me on track as the weight has started to kreep back on. I would be very interested in anything you find. I know there are some WW printable downloads on here but not so helpful for SW... I am thinking of creating my own.

  13. @CatB - Oh perhaps we can come up with something and I know Steve would add any templates we come up with onto the files area of the site. I've been told that SW encourage its followers eat as much 'free' items (eg veg) as possible so you need plenty of room for recording your food diary - so I am leaning towards using an A5 binder (which of course will be easier to make templates for as well!).

  14. Those were my thoughts exactly! I kind of want something for menu planning and then something for actually recording it all. We have our own 'Food Diarys' which you will get in your pack when you join but they are to hand into your consultant but they are A5... (my brain is ticking away at ideas)

    On another note I am completely obsessed by the Osterley in Plum and I have just been given £50 john lewis vouchers meaning I would have to pay £69.... I already have a malden in vintage pink and crimson in personal sizes though... AHHH!!

    Cat xx

  15. Osterley in plum?

    Don't you think Aspinal's Purple is nicer? Matching leather and suede lining with their's, lovely.


  16. @CatB I had a menu planner given to me last Xmas which has been useful for planning for shopping - you can decide on all three meals (but I don't think it does snacks. If you send me your contact details, I'll see if I can scan it in and we can see if we can come up with something a bit more tailored, then we can share with everyone else. My personal email is ali at alisonreeves dot co dot uk

    Regarding the Osterly - sounds like the perfect excuse to get an A5 for your diet and fitness goals! I'd love one in Plum but can't justify at the moment!

  17. @Scoot - I've long loved the Aspinal binders. I haven't seen one in person so not sure how they compare quality wise with Filofax - but I imagine the quality would be very good.

  18. Oh scoot what have you done to me.... now I need to save even more money!! I was going to get the osterley in personal as I have a black domino A5, although I would like something more luxurious. I find I use things more if they're more of a treat and luxurious. Not sure about the £195 price tag in A5 though....

  19. does anyone know if aspinal and filofax belong together??
    the binder is looking almost the same.
    in my opinion it doesn´t have the same mooth interieur as filofax. it´s looking more like cardboard.
    also it doesn´t lay flat ^^

    so grab the osterley! or the malden for only 100 pounds!
    ooooor the finchley A5 in imperial purple (now just £81.25) , if it´s just the colour of the osterley u want ;)

    i´m really looking forward for your filofax-diet-papers

  20. @Steve - I'd love a malden - but I just don't like the colours!

  21. Only thing about the Osterley I don't like - why have what looks like a 'brass' popper on the front and 'silver' coloured rings inside? Why not match and put the 'gold' coloured rings inside - much more classy. I really don't like things that don't match - especially when spending that much!

    Also what is going on with the tiny 'pen loops' at the top and bottom on the A5? I know you are supposed to put the clip of the pen through this (which of course wrecks your pen), but the positioning seems odd as well.

  22. @Saffy - unused diary pages...

    I have 2 complete 2011 A5 diaries (as a consequence of buying binders for things other than using for a diary!). The diary doesn't 'come around' again until 2022 though (ie next time Jan 1st is a Saturday) so I will probably just use them for scrap paper. My tiny brain gets confused by having the dates on them so I'll turn them upside down!

    I re-used the WO2P that came with the City Organiser pack (too grey to be used as a diary!) as weekly planner pages (turned upside down). I'll probably use the personal size 2011 WO2P I have (it's another complete spare!) in the same way.

  23. The inside of the Aspinal’s fax’s isn’t cardboard, its suede. Aspinal’s lay flat, no design fault there. Luxurious, classy and helps hold paper or card in place. I have found the front and back slots far more practical than either the zips or full length pockets on a Filofax.

    The Executive size has six rings of exactly the same size as Filofax A5, they even sell some map inserts which are those same ones made by Filofax, which hold A5 paper though Aspinals standard size of paper is the international standard of 215mmx140mm rather than normal A5 which is 210mmx148mm. I don’t notice the difference, but then I made my own custom sized ivory inserts using cut down A4 card that had the tab names printed both sides using terracota coloured font using a colour laser printer.

    Aspinal’s range of “Compact A5 faxes” actually hold paper to match the size of “filofax’s personal size”, though they have an even smaller sized fax … which if I were a woman I would immediately have a “need” for ..... the gold Bijou …just because I think it is the hottest looking fax available anywhere.


    I would say the quality of Aspinal’s leather is slightly better than Filofax, though the crocodile print fax’s are probably the same … only differs in design of the inside. Their use of gold rings in some fax's adds a real touch of class. The gold badge on Aspinal’s fax’s does get noticed by a lot of people, they are invariably very impressed by it.

    S/H Aspinal fax’s are on ebay a few times a year, though the company themselves often sell end of line/slight seconds on ebay.
    (I don’t work for Aspinal’s, just love their fax’s. Unfortunately they don’t do slimline’s, but if they did one in gold I’d just have to bite the bullet and turn gay!)

  24. OK here is another question. Does anyone know of an A5 month to view with month tabs on them? Sadly Filofax only do these in personal size - and then in a vertical planner type format. I can't go with Franklin Covey as we can't get them in the UK any more and the postage from the US is astronomical.

    I'm thinking of using the month to view as my main 'look what's on' then the day to view for planning.

  25. Anyone know if Saturdays and Sundays have their own separate pages on the "Day On Two Pages" personal size diary insert from Filofax?

  26. Does anyone reading live on or near to the West Coast of the US? I'm in central CA and would like to do a Philofaxy meetup. Please let me know if anyone is interested!

  27. Hi Alison: I too am on a constant diet! I want to join WW this week and although I buy their journals, I would much rather log in my Filo. I make a breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack template and printed them on the pre-punched Filo paper. It didn't work because the prepunched holes did not match up with the rings!!! Whatever ideas any of you come up with - please let me know. Thank you in advance.

  28. To all diet/fitness interested people. I am signing up to this - probably for Thursday nights. I'll get the 'instructions' and see what I think may be appropriate to record. I'll report back on one of the Tuesday/Friday free posting days and share any templates I come up with. If I do make templates it will most probably be in A5, but there is not reason why others might not take the ideas and create personal or pocket sized ones! If it turns out to be not much more than a decent diary page for recording food and some other blank sheets, then of course this could be done in any size! Also of course others may prefer to follow a difference plan where they may want to tweak things to suit.

    Do you know I had a flu injection yesterday and feel really rubbish today - I've hardly done any work (might as well have stayed in bed) so I've spent time trawling the internet which has made me feel even more useless! At least it explains my several posts here today! I thought I'd try and figure out my 2012 diary set up, but even that seems beyond me!

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  30. @Steve, you are now even more famous! http://ttpatton.com/2011/10/10/how-do-you-flex/

  31. Hah - great find Kate! Steve's fame spreads far and wide.

    The reader under the spotlight series always interests me - including your own recent post - and I was thinking only last night about question 11: Turning to Philofaxy, what do you like the most?

    I think the best aspect is that the site is *always* kept vibrant and up to date by Steve, Nan and Laurie.

    Here's to you Steve - the Philofaxy King.

  32. I got my Ocher Malden last week and have been using it for almost a week now. LOVE!! I ordered some printable week per page with notes along with some other things from an Etsy shop (if you want the info, let me know, didn't want to "spam"). I printed them off on regular office paper, but now I am re-thinking and wanting to print off on some nicer cream paper. Hmm.
    I also re-did all my tabs with both new side tabs and top tabs! WOO!
    I also "had" to order another Pilot multi-pen b/c my 5 color would not fit in the pen slip in the Malden. So now I have a 2 color and a 3 color! If you want to check out pics, I posted them to the Philofaxy group!

  33. I have a mid-1970's Filofax that I have carried every day since I first bought it. It has a fantastic look and I wouldn't trade it for anything. However, the "button cover" is gone.

    Does anyone have a clue how to get this repaired or to repair it myself? Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

  34. UK enabler alert...
    Popped into WH Smiths earlier & they had pocket Classics for £15! Guess it must be as they only a 2011 diary in. Didn't succomb, but a real bargain :)

  35. Has anyone tried printing on the plain Filofax notepaper?
    I bought a pack of the computer paper but I found it to be very thin so I'm not sure how my printer will handle it.

  36. Yes I printed on personal size Filofax paper, I've even let it do double side printing and it worked fine.

    This was using an HP Laserjet printer.

  37. How do I print Personal pages in Word?

  38. TOWELNTEXAS - Any photos you'd be willing to share of your beloved Filo? I would love to check it out!

    I believe Steve know all the ins and outs of repairing that snap/button cover

  39. @TOWELNTEXAS yes I did a short post on press studs here:


    But it doesn't cover their repair. Is it just the plastic cover that has broken? May be take a photo of it and email it to us.

    If you are left with a shiny metal button I know people that have painted these with enamel and the results are quite good.

    It is possible to buy the different parts of the press studs at dress making shops, that is most probably your best bet for getting a replacement cover.

    On my wife's 1980's Filofax that suffered the same problem we glued a synthetic gem stone the right size to the top of the press stud, it gives it a bit of a different look!

  40. @Tamara There's a link on the Files page under the Personal Templates section titled: "printing personal pages" http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/p/files.html

  41. @Daximillian - I haven't yet had to test it, but I have registered my Filos and I rest my hopes upon the kindness of strangers to do the right thing.

    @saffy - I have used some of my dated pages (i.e. I started in May with my FF but had Jan-Apr in dated pages, so I just whited out the dates and used them as blank note pages) but after reading @Amanda's post about just flipping them upside down and ignoring the date/writing, that's what I'll do from now on.

    @Elizabeth, yes, I've printed on it with an HP Colour Laser printer; I find it seems to absorb pen ink more than the stock FF insert pages. At least with my pens.

    We're winding down a three week vacation and while I've used my Work A5 quite a bit, I haven't used my personal Malden that much - at least not the diary pages. I knew that I'd be switching back to Wo2P for my personal when we got back (and that makes, what ... four? five? changes this year). BUT that's also one thing that I love about Filo - I can change mid year or every few months as my needs change and I don't have to start a new book/planner.

  42. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/blackberry/8820842/Second-outage-deepens-BlackBerry-crisis.html

    For those Blackberry users who still can't access their appointments etc, a Filofax is always there to be depended upon and doesn't depend upon batteries, coverage, software, technical issues, supposed synchronising etc etc.

  43. A compact Osterley in plum for VERY cheap on ebay right now!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/250907220674?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649#ht_500wt_1287

  44. Hello fellow filofax obssessives.
    As I have been lurking on here for many months, I thought I would introduce myself. I'm Rachael from Grimsby, and just bought my sixth filo, I am completely addicted and planning my seventh.

  45. @enjoyette - Here in the US, the Filofax personal size 2 pages per day do have separate pages for both Saturday and Sunday. However, they're both more like day per pages - so neither has the second page with the to-do and notes sections.