26 October 2011

More than one Filofax?

If you have only one, you have a Filofax.... but if you have more than one then what do you have?

Several Filofaxes? Filos? what is the correct spelling for the plural of Filofax?

You might have noticed I often skirt around the problem by writing 'Filofax Organisers' putting the plural on the organisers part... cheating I know, but heh I was an engineer, who had two attempts to pass his English Language O Level, so what do I know about these complicated rules of languages!!


  1. My personal preference is that Filofax is singular and plural - one Filofax, two Filofax etc. - like sheep. However, since Filofax is actually a company name it is up to them to tell us how to make it plural.

  2. One Filo, two Filos....or....one darling, two darlings :o)

  3. great question....
    it´s file of facts, and facts is already the plural, isn´t it? so when there are more "files" then maybe the correct form is "filSofax"... :D

    but to be the diplomatic part i would say leave the language rules aside! as different and unique our filos, filSofax, filofaxes, organisers and darlings are, as different and unique our plural should be ;)

  4. ninjij I love your idea! Files-o-fax. King of like Mothers-in-law.

    Personally I say Filofaxes. Probably not correct, but gets my point across! :)

  5. That typo should say KIND of like Mothers-in-law!

  6. If an individual one is a Filofax then the plural should surely be Filofaxes?

    As a business writer I do think English grammar matters for a lot of reasons (the most important being that sometimes people - rightly or wrongly - do judge you on your command of English). Sometimes I blush when I read back my comments though - I am so excited to post and put my point of view across that I don't think about the rules!

    Of course on an international forum like Philofaxy this can open a huge can of worms - for example US English Grammar differs from UK Grammar on some points!

    For the sake of harmony (between ourselves) we may just have to beg to differ (and not worry too much about the niceties of the English Language)!!!

  7. I say Filofaxes, also added two more to the collection today along with some paper and diaries for the others.

  8. Wow! Flashback to my undergrad years; in a linguistics section (a study group requirement for some classes; usually 4-6 people plus the TA) we spent a good 20 minutes debating whether or not it is "Filofax" or "Filofaxes."

    I totally agree with ninjij. Just as there exist a myriad ways to customize our babies, so too exist different names. The correct one is whatever feels right, just like the correct Filo system is what works for us.

  9. I'd say "Filofaxes" for plural! And I just have the one Filofax so far, so personally I don't have the problem of needing to say more than one...

  10. I don't know about the plural. "Filofi" came to mind!

    If you live in Halifax, you are a Haligonian....and we live in/through our filofax...es.....

    So are we Faligonians?


  11. I'd say "Filofaxes", although I do like "Filsofax".