05 October 2011

My Malden Family

Well it was bound to happen... having bought an A5 and Personal size Maldens in March this year, I just couldn't resist the Pocket Malden that Jotje announced as being for sale on Twitter, it was instant snap decision. 'Yes I will have it!' And she kindly brought it along to the Meet Up last weekend. 

So the 'family' is as follows, (back left) A5 in Grey (30mm rings), (back right) A5 in Grey (25 mm rings) which was the original one! And in the front row, Crimson Personal (one of many) and Black Pocket.

So of course you are going to ask what am I going to be using them all for... yep thought you might.
  • A5 Grey (25 mm) - This is my current desk planner with the day per page (business diary) insert in it and a few other pages. I've been using this set up since about May.
  • A5 Grey (30 mm) - I'm setting this one up for use next year with a slightly different set up to this year in the other A5. I will be publishing the details of this set up once I have settled on set up in the forthcoming weeks. But it's handy having the two A5's, so I can leave one as it is whilst I set up the other one. 
  • Crimson Personal - This is currently used as my carry around Filofax with a Week on Two pages diary which I tend to use as a journal rather than a planner. I use the address section on this one quite a bit too. 
  • Black Pocket - I'm going to consider swapping my Chameleon Pocket for this one. Again I will be publishing a post comparing the two organisers, because there are some pros and cons between them, so it will be interesting to share them with you in the coming weeks.

At the moment the Personal and Pocket both have fairly standard fills in them, but they are likely to change in the coming weeks as I set them up for the forth coming year.

Now what about a Mini... hmm tempting. Although I doubt it would ever be used... famous last words!


  1. Cute set. I don't have a Malden, but keep wondering of I should get one ...

  2. I love my vintage pink Malden... So much so that I don't think I will ever buy another filofax (did I say that out loud??)

  3. I've worked out why filofax have the crimson malden on the endangered list...
    it's because once people have bought a malden they say they will never buy another filofax!

    So, by making such a stupendously good binder, filofax have shot their sales team in the feet and so have had to discontinue it!

  4. Although the crimson is on the reduced page it is no longer available on it's own page so I'm thinking they must have sold out.

    I wouldn't buy the pink or the grey and I don't like the colours. I wonder if they will bring it out in other colours?

    1. I bought an ochre from Pens and Leather as Filofax doesnt do it any more !

  5. You have a beautiful family Steve...you must be very proud :)

  6. Amanda that's exactly what I'm thinking!!! LOL!

  7. I resisted the Malden for a long time bu finally gave in and bought it in the vintage Rose colour. Gorgeous! Not as good as my amethyst Deco but it's a close second.

  8. I have a crimson pocket Malden, 2 personal Maldens a crimson and an ochre, and a vintage pink A5 Malden! Long live the Maldens!!

  9. I managed to get the crimson personal at half price, but I'm not allowed it until Christmas as it's my present from my DF. Will be so excited to finally get my hands on it on Christmas day :o)

  10. I agree, long live the Maldens! I visited a shop earlier that had a nice filo display & had a look at a mini ochre Malden, absolutely gorgeous :) Would love some boots that colour.

  11. If the mini Malden had an outside pocket for money it would make a perfect wallet!