27 October 2011

Share Your Filofax Memories - The Winners

Well after a hectic two weeks, the entries have been checked, the judges have sat through until the early hours of this morning looking over all the entries and we are now pleased to announce the Philofaxy 'winners' as follows:
  • Sandra Kramer
  • Jes 
  • Lorraine Ross
  • Sandy Masters
  • Kate (TPS)
  • Jotje
The entries will now be forwarded to Filofax, who will be getting in touch with the people named above regarding your prizes, which we hope you will enjoy and tell us how you are using them. 

Thank you to everyone who entered, it was fun reading through all of your entries.

Also a big thank you from me for the huge support given by Laurie, Imy, Kyla, and Iris. They have worked tirelessly behind the scenes this last week or two to make this competition 'work'.

Thank you.  


  1. AHHHHHH!!! I'm so happy and excited!! Thanks so much Steve, Laurie, Nan and Filofax!!! :D

  2. Wow, my first ever win! Thank you so much !!!

  3. Oh another Filofax person! I hope to join the ranks one day! LOL. Found you on Carib Princess's blog. Congrats to all the winners! Sandra

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  5. Wow! I never win anything--yay! A monster-sized thank you to Filofax, Nan, Laurie, and Steve. :)

  6. Congratulations everyone! I did not participate as I am so new to filofax and planners in general I literally could not think of any memory interesting enough to share!

  7. Congratulations everyone fab competition can't wait to read the winning entries Lx

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  9. Oh my, I meant husband. In my excitement I made a spelling error. Forgive me. OOps

  10. I know it took me a while to respond but I cannot believe my name is on this list. I am really excited. Thank you, Thank you. Also, My husband will NOT believe this. He is a Franklin Covey guy. We have been jokingly debating the benefits of Filofax vs FC for years. Also he joked that it was about 5 members in Philofaxy. Boy was he wrong. Thanks so much Everyone. I enjoy reading everyone's comments. Have a Great Day! Lorraine

  11. Hello filolovers...I've just realized that the names posted as winners here differ from the winners I saw on Plannerisms and on Imysworld. I'm new to this blogging world and was hoping for some clarification please.

  12. Jes
    Yes different winners for each of the five sites, so all 30 will be contacted by Filofax to receive their prize.

    We had to make sure there was no duplication...so if someone entered on more than one site only one entry was counted, and might have even been moved to another of the sites to balance things out...


  13. Thanks for the clarification! Let the excitement begin as I wait patiently for an email from filofax! OH...and I do believe my URBAN I won on Ebay should arrive in my mailbox today!!


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