10 October 2011

Two diaries one Filofax?

For most of this year I've been using a page per day A5 Business Style diary along with a Personal size week on two pages diary in two different organsiers. The A5 size has been great for me because it has lots of room for to-do lists and reminders.  But the downside is, it is a lot of paper in my A5 Filofax.

As I don't have that many appointments in any one day, so I was looking for something in a Weekly format rather than Day format. However, I like the constant reminders about things I need to do today or this week.

It would also be nice to have everything in one Filofax rather than two. At the moment my A5 deals with future events and the personal acts as a journal for past events. I like the idea of keeping the future and past separately, often my plans do change, so what I planned and what happened might be different.

So after a bit of thought I came up with this idea; a Week on Two pages, but in A5 for past events. I chose this layout because of the equal spacing for each day and also the English only format.

And for my future planning, appointments, to do lists and reminders. I'm going to use a Week on Two pages, but from the Time Management Filofax range, it looks like this:

At first I wasn't sure about this layout, but then looking at what I've been entering in my page per day in the last 6 months or so, I think this weekly layout will work quite well for me. It will allow me to prioritise to-dos and tasks better put in reminders for birthdays. I will most probably use the Phone, Write, Fax, Email area for Blog posts as well.

Both inserts are in A5 size so they will both go in to one A5 Malden and I will use two today markers to bookmark the current weeks in each diary.

For the rest of my set up for 2012 I have quite a choice, I could go Pocket with a simple week per page diary and also use this as my wallet. Or stick to my current set up of Personal with a Pocket as just a notebook/wallet.

Endless possibilities I know, but I have the organisers and the inserts for what ever I decide to do for my portable set up.  I realise that there will be the need to synchronise my diaries between the A5 and the portable set up, but I do that now so no extra work really.

So do any of you use two diaries in the one organiser like I'm planning to do in my A5?

I almost can't wait until 1 Jan 2012 to get started using this new set up...!


  1. I had had a closer look at the Time Management sheets at the Sept meet-up. I like the design on them.

    My pocket filofax is my main diary (appointments, scheduling etc) but my A5 is my to do list (in diary form) so I can brain dump when things will get done which works for me (work only). This way I only have to carry my Pocket with me (and I leave my A5 on my desk at work). I archive my pocket and bin my A5 sheets (literally just lists!).

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on..

  2. I use 2 diaries in my A5 Malden- for everyday stuff like work, events etc I use a week on 1 page with blank notes on facing page. I also use another diary, week on 2 pages column format as a health & exercise journal to plan my diet & gym sessions in. I use a today marker for each diary.

  3. I use 2 diaries in my personal - a week on 2 pages for an overview and a day to page for detailed planning, with 2 today markers - one in each.

  4. I just happen to check out the danish filofax site today, even though I am Norwegian and living in the UK, just to check the selection... And they now have 90 binders for 90 kr :)

  5. Or I should edit that, they have 90 offers for 90 kr, but quite a few binders among the offers :)

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  7. Thank you Cathrine, your tip-off is appreciated.

  8. wow... just battled through the language barrier (can't even recognise most danish words ha ha) and bought some christmas presents for my brother and sister!
    (mode in blue/pink for my sister and finsbury in orange for my brother to match his hair haha!)
    i bought two 90kr filos -including packaging this cost me about £31
    yay excited!

  9. filofax need to bring out something like that time management week on two pages as a standard diary insert at personal size. its exactly what I need but I don't have the time, ink or patience to create and/or print it!!