18 October 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 37

Did you know that according to Wikipedia; 'Tuesday is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday. According to international standard ISO 8601, it is the second day of the week, although in some traditions it is the third.'

But in terms of Philofaxy, Tuesday is the day you can ask any Filofax related questions!!


  1. I'll kick things off today. Long time reader, very sporadic poster. :)

    I was wondering if there is an A5 diary option with 2 days per page (preferably lined too) available? I need something between day-per-page and week-on-two pages.


  2. I was wondering whether anyone has fully converted to Flex from a Filo binder. I keep wondering about them, but the binder has a very strong pull for me.

    I recently bought a pocket Amazona, but i am really struggling with it. The size of the paper is ok, but the size of the pockets for things like stamps, cards etc is a problem. What do others do?

    Helen x

  3. Chloe - why not print off your own from Outlook?

    Nellie - I am being pulled to Flex or Moleskine right now, because am finding I carry too much unnecessary stuff in Filofax when out! Flex doesn't have the diary layout I want to trial though!

  4. Hi Nellie and Sharon

    I tried to convert to A5 Flex - based on Imy's fantastic video demo and my positive experience of the Time Manager Planner Wallet years ago (of which the Flex binder is an almost identical copy!).

    As a binder to carry at weekends with just a diary, year planner and note pad Flex works well. However, I quickly found that having become used to being able to open a binder ring and find/add/take out/shuffle pages, Flex has it's drawbacks. Instead, you've got a fixed notebook and a full year diary to carry around.
    This will work fine for many folk, but I'm currently experimenting with the A5 Holborn which is like Flex but also has a binder ring. I did a review on the Filofax website. The biggest problem here is that the outer pockets are not full width, so you can't just slot in a Flex product. Also - for me - a 25mm ring is too big, so I'm hoping to acquire an A5 Adelphi secondhand - purely to swop rings!
    (Anybody got one to sell?) Tim

  5. hi there,

    just a minute before i was "stalking" for the 2 days per page diary on the several filofax sites.
    sorry chloe, i didn´t found one in a5.

    BUT, i found this!!http://www.filofax.co.uk/personalise/

    personalised diaries o.O .... does anyone have experiences with this service??

  6. HELP
    okay, i ordered this filofax

    and if you look at the bottom it says this
    "Ringbindet leveres med en 18 måneders ugeplan 2011/12."
    which means it comes with an 18 month 11/12 diary.. but it only came with a 12 month 2011 one.. this was going to be a christmas present for my sister..
    i want to email them but i don't speak a word of danish? can i just write in English?
    Does anyone who speaks Danish want to help me?
    aaaaah so confusing!

  7. Tim - Just saw your comment about my video, THANK YOU!!!!! (i deleted it as it felt VERY unnatural lol)

    Nellie - have you tried the credit card slots for the Pocket and also the plastic wallets for stamps? thats what i use for any cards i carry :-) xxx

  8. @Chloe I usually check filo usa, filo uk and pens&leather to see what different inserts are available. They seem to carry different ones. I was looking for one particular one (can't remember now what it was) and while filo usa didn't have it, the UK did and because it was just a couple of inserts, shipping to Canada was very reasonable - and shockingly quick!

  9. Imy - Of course I would not want to offend Steve; a fine, upstanding guy, a font of Filofax knowledge and producer of a useful Flex video. But... YOUR Flex video Imy, just oozed enthusiasm, excitement and delight. I put my order in the same day as I watched it! You should retrieve it from the Recycle bin right now! LOL

  10. @Dollface: I'm sure English will do just fine. If not, I might be able to help. I'm Norwegian, but the Scandinavian languages are for the most part mutually intelligible.

  11. @Elizabeth do you know what i should click on the website to tell them about it? i'm completely clueless

  12. @Dollface, email filofax@filofax.dk and explain the problem in English I think they will understand

  13. terriroyea & iris30606: I love your tabs. How do you make them? Are you laminating them, printing on thick paper?

  14. Thanks everyone. I have looked on the various sites and it seems like what I want doesn't exist. I will have a play around and see if I can print something. Will let you know how I go.

  15. TIm - HAHA I dont actually know where in the recycle bin it is :-( I would need to find it on my external hard drive whcih could take days, weeks years lol :-) will look especially for you

  16. There's an ISO for the days of the week?