16 October 2011

Share Your Filofax Memories - FAQ

We announced on Wednesday a competition that we are doing jointly with Filofax UK and other blogs 

I hope the questions and answers below help to clarify any doubts you have and it will encourage you to enter the competition.

Q1: Who is the competition open to?
A1: Everyone, no matter where you are in the world, you can enter this competition and you stand just as much an equal chance of winning one of the prizes.

Q2: Do I have to be identified in my entry?
A2: No, you can enter under a nickname if you wish, Philofaxy (and I'm sure the other blogs) will maintain the confidentiality of your real identity.

Q3: How can I enter if I don't have Powerpoint on my computer?
A3: Print out the PDF version of the file, and write your entry on the page in your own hand writing. If you have a scanner, scan in the full page and email it to philofaxy at gmail dot com, If you don't have access to a scanner, then I'm happy to accept entries by email, your entry will need to reach me by which ever route by the closing date.

Q4: Can I enter the competition at more than one blog?
A4: Filofax have suggested a maximum of 3 entries per person, I don't see any harm in you may be spreading those three entries between the blogs listed above.

Q5: I have tried typing my entry in to the Powerpoint page and I've noticed that the text doesn't line up with the lines on the template picture. 
A5: We have noticed this and we will make sure your entry is readable before it is entered on to the Facebook page.

Q6: Do I have to have a Facebook account?
A6: No you don't have to have a Facebook account yourself.

We look forward to receiving lots of entries. 

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