03 October 2011

Filofax M2 Format

Originally I was going to include the M2 size into the Diary Inserts series of posts, but as there is only one layout available, I wondered about just adding it to the Filofax Mini post. That is until I had another of my 'bright ideas', so that was when the M2 size became a post of it's own, but covering more than just diary inserts.... read on.

So the M2 size is discontinued as far as binders are concerned. You might find them on Ebay or on Craig's list, but Filofax still produce a dairy insert and other pages for this size.

This is a sample of an M2 organiser I found on the internet:

The page size is similar to Filofax Mini, but in landscape format rather than portrait format. The actual size is 64 mm high by 103 mm wide and it has only 3 rings spaced 19mm (3/4") apart.  This compares to the Mini which is 105 mm high by 67 mm wide with 5 rings.

When you see this format for the first time it does look a little strange I think you will agree. But it might suit some peoples hand writing style.

As well as diary inserts Filofax also sell, To-Do pages, Name and Address and ruled Note paper in this size. Check out the site for full details.

So this is all very good but why am I telling you about a size format that has been discontinued? Good question...

What else also has ring spacing 19mm (3/4") apart and a page width of 95 mm? Personal size... OK M2 is 8 mm wider, but a normal Filofax Tab is 101mm, so they should fit ok. A5 also has 3 rings magically spaced at 19mm apart but with a page width of 148 mm, so M2 pages will fit the A5 easily.

So you can use M2 in a hybrid sort of way in the same way I suggested using Mini in A5 organisers....

So you could mix plain paper and to do pages in the same view. 

You could of course make some 'half size' inserts by cutting Personal or A5 size inserts in half and then may be trimming a little bit extra off, so that there are no page overlap issues.

Please note that the M2 size inserts are available on most of the Filofax On-Line stores, not just the UK one.

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  1. I picked up a Cross M2 binder on eBay for £2.50 and feel very pleased with myself. It is used as my wallet and travelling diary and works very well.