19 October 2011

Share Your Filofax Memories - Competition

This October, Filofax and Philofaxy would like to invite you to share your favourite Filofax memory. Whether it’s a tale about your first Filofax, the story of your first visit to the Filofax store or even a moment when a Filofax played an important part in your life, we want to hear from you!

Over the next two weeks, you will be able submit your cherished Filofax memories by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com This can be beautifully handwritten, typed or even drawn onto the special Filofax diary page template which you can download from the link below 

Philofaxy will then choose the top 10 memories to be uploaded onto the official Filofax Facebook page for fans all over the world to read and ‘like’.

On the 4th November, the three memories which have the most ‘likes’ from the Philofaxy will receive brand new Filofax organisers as a very special thank you for participating in the challenge.

Interested in sharing your Filofax memories? Here’s how to take part:
  1. Download the Filofax diary page template from this link PPT format PDF Format
  2. Write, draw or type your 300-500 word memory onto the Filofax diary page template
  3. Send your memory back by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com who will then select their top 10 stories to be uploaded onto the Filofax Facebook page. Maximum of 3 entries per person. Competition open to all Filofax users worldwide.
  4. Filofax fans will then be encouraged to ‘like’ their favourite memories
  5. The three memories that receive the most ‘likes’ from the Philofaxy album will receive brand new Filofax organisers!


  1. I'm not sure why this has been posted a second time?

    Also I think more entries would be forthcoming if you could just type in your entry somewhere. The options both required printing out and writing, then scanning in before emailing over. I guess not everyone would have a scanner - I'm really busy at the moment, and whilst I may have typed something into an on-line entry form, I really don't have time to do all this.

    Maybe I'm just being a kill joy - feel free to tell me if I am!

  2. @Alison if you use the Powerpoint template all you have to do is type it in then email it
    I entered on Imy's site (sorry philofaxy!) it was super easy

  3. Oh, I'll take another look then.

  4. The Filofax memory I'd like to relate is about the time period in which they once produced 1st rate leather products with a good selection of inserts on decent paper, but I doubt they want to hear that.

  5. Alison - you can enter on imysworld but just emailing me the text and i will sort the rest out for you ;-) hehe

  6. @Imy - are you trying to steal all the entries from Steve and CP? Ha Ha!!!

  7. Alison - No lol i was pulling your leg :-) im sure Steve will do the same, i havent seen if anyone has commented on CP's post :-) just saw the comments on here ;-)

  8. @Imy - don't worry I was joking!!!!

  9. No one has entered mine as yet. Sniff, sniff. I am happy to paste the text onto the template too.

  10. I know!!! Alison, i recon you should enter with CP :-) she deserves it :-)

  11. I am working on my entry now!

  12. I did something a bit different... not sure how it will go down... :)