15 October 2011

Web Finds - 15 October 2011

 Take a seat, get comfortable and have a read of some more excellent posts we have found on the web this week:


  1. yay! this is the highlight of my week, to see the new list of web finds! I'm going to "save" this for tomorrow (still Friday night here in Canada). Thanks, Steve!

  2. I always look forward to these posts! Normally I settle down with a cup (or pot) of tea but have had a hellish week so I'm afraid it has just turned wine o'clock.

  3. I agree, love reading these with a cup of rooibos tea :) My treat rather than buying a magazine or some thing.
    @ Amanda - sorry you've had a hard week & hope things will get better for you soon.

  4. I agree - these are so enjoyable.

    and to Amanda... cheers to wine o'clock and to feeling better.

  5. @Anita and @luminosity6
    Thanks guys! Weekend much better than the week! Only sad it is drawing to a close. But, have a good friend arriving tomorrow for a week which will be great fun!
    Have a good week everyone.


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