04 April 2011

Being put on the spot....

Earlier this week I was really put on the spot with a face to face question about Filofax. A good friend of mine had seen the photos from our London Philofaxy meet up and she showed me her Family Organiser that she uses, I forget the name of the brand, but it was a bound planner that slipped in to a zipped case. She uses it for all her appointments and for organising her children, but she wanted to 'return to Filofax'

'Is there a Filofax equivalent of this?' she asked....  I was a little taken by surprise at first... but then I remember ah... you want to look at the  A5 Family Lifestyle Pack it has a week on two pages format diary that allows for the organisation of several family members and also comes with whole host of extra inserts for things like babysitting contacts, sports and clubs, household, schools, party planning, pets and more. Looks ideal don't you think? I think she was taken a bit by surprise when she saw it on the Filofax site.

So then we thought what organiser? So we did a quick search on her PC on Amazon for Filofax A5 Zipped and there was a good selection at reasonable prices. I left her choosing styles and colours and making sure she ordered the right lifestyle pack from Filofax.... using the links via Philofaxy of course!!!

Another satisfied customer and another Philofaxy reader hopefully!!!


  1. My wife loves the Family Lifestyle pack; one of the reasons she wanted to move to Filofax.

  2. I use the Family Lifestyle pack in the A5 size and love it. I cannot understand why it has had such bad reviews on the filofax website.

    I would recommend an A5 with the larger 30mm rings though so you can fit the A-Z tabs and a few business card holders.


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