30 April 2011

My Filofax Family

Like a photographer at the Royal Wedding (wasn't it good.... ) I managed to gather the whole family together today for a family picture....

They are in top to bottom order: Mini Finchley, Pocket Chameleon, Blue Pocket Finsbury (Car-o-Fax), Slimline Finsbury, 1980's Winchester (the grand dad of the collection) Red Malden Personal,  Black Finsbury Personal, Black A5 Finsbury, Grey A5 Malden (with skinny rings!) and last but no means least Black A4 Classic

They all enjoyed the sun for a few minutes but wanted to go in before they got a little sun burnt!


  1. I went through the picture naming them all and got them all right except for the Winchester! I think I'm getting quite good at this seeing as how I've only been into filofaxes for just over 1 month!
    (I wish I was this good at my exams!!)

  2. Love it! I won't post mine though as I don't want DH to know how many of these lovelies I actually own! Hehe.

  3. I know that feeling, I got my first Filofax (personal Finsbury in aqua) about a month ago and have already got 2 more (A4 for work and the breast cancer pocket one for travel planning), and another 4 on the way from eBay. I finally found a shop nearby (I'm in a little village in. Switzerland) that has a Filofax display, only for my other half to despair as I made him take a photo of it with his iPhone, and then proceeded to pick up (and name) almost every one of them. I have now fallen a little in love with the Chilli Cuban... but then I'll have to stop coveting the Ruby Deco... wondering if I'll go to hell if I covet the Ivory Deco instead. Love the Amethyst one, but one of my 4 in the post in an Imperial Purple Finchley... I do like to mix it up with the colours :o)

  4. @TPS I hope you are going to enter the Philofaxy End of Term Exam?


    @CP but there's only 3.369 Philos in the picture!

    @LJ it's catching...

    @alannarama to be totally honest. Not not all in use yet.. But I have plans for most of them so eventually they will be all used at some time.

  5. Wow, what a lovely stack of filos :)
    Thanks for sharing them with us! I only have 3 & wondering if I need them all...

  6. Lovely Collection!

    Here's my ever-expanding filofax family:



  7. Oops, my filofax family flickr link seems to be too long:

    here it is again (hope this is better):




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