27 April 2011

End of Term Exams

If you have any young adults in your home you know that at this time of year they will be busy revising for their end of year exams. Well it's now your turn to revise and also sit your exams at the end of year Philofaxy University where you have been studying Filofax, life the universe and anything else we can think of!

Little did you know that when you started reading the Philofaxy blog that it was part of your continued professional development, thinly disguised as an excuse to lead you in to financial ruin! No, we want you to expand your horizons and bring your Filofax in to all parts of your daily life both in your professional life and your home life.

So the exam papers have been set, but to help you the questions are based on posts on the blog from April 2010 to March 2011. You will obviously not need to hide your revision notes up your sleeve or write them on the inside of your pencil case.... no this is a fully open exam which you can take at your own leisure, no need to watch the clock, but we would like your answers in by the end of the first week in May so a calendar rather than clock might be more appropriate. 

So here are your questions. Please answer as many as you can, the details on where to how to submit your answers are at the end of the question papers. Good luck and try your best. Don't forget to put your name at the top of your answers.

Q1. What is the name of the manager at the Conduit Street Filofax Store and what is the phone number of the store?

Q2. Where will you find the largest range of Filofax products in Scotland? And name the reader that works there?

Q3. What was the title of the 500th post on Philofaxy, and who wrote it?

Q4. Which Guest Poster used a Filofax Travel Pack to organise their trip to St. Petersburg and which model/size did they use?

Q5. How many items in total does Steve carry in his 'man bag' including his pocket Filofax, and what was the make of the bag?

Q6. What brand of wax polish did Steve use to restore his wife's 1980's Personal Filofax? Which by the way she now uses every day!

Q7. In the past 12 months which charity has Philofaxy donated to, through the commission earned on sales of Filofax goods?

Q8. What unusual course did Philofaxy readers have between Main and Desert when they met in London in November?

Q9. Who is the author of the book Filofax Facts? and in what year was it published?

Q10, Who did Philofaxy send along to the Champagne Launch of the Gourmet Gift Box set, and what gift did she choose?

Q11. What model and colour is Steve's first Filofax Mini?

Q12. Who travelled the furthest to attend the Philofaxy meet up in March was it Thomas or Steve?

Q13. In terms of Philofaxy units what is the value of an A5 Filofax in Philofaxy units?

Q14. How many pages are there in the 2010 Philofaxy Yearbook in pdf format?

To enter your answers to the questions above, email them to philofaxy at gmail dot com and mark the email with the subject 2011 Exam Quiz.

Sadly there are no prizes this time but certificates will be awarded at the University Degree Ceromony by the University Vice Chancellor.

Good luck!


  1. Super-fun. I loved looking back on all the old posts!

    Steve, Nan, and Laurie - you all do a terrific job! Thank you!!!

  2. Can't wait to do it, nerd that I am! Later after work or tomorrow :-)

  3. This is sooo fun!!!! Will we get marks to know how many out of 14 we get correct?? :-)

  4. Yes I can put your marks on the certificate if you like or as a percentage!

    But the answers will be published anyway so you can compare the answers to what you put on your exam paper...


  5. yay I've just finished so i need to type them all up and then email them

    Im so excitable :-)