25 April 2011

Filofax Organisers on Ebay

There is also a Personal Amazona on Ebay as well from a different reader. 
Good luck if you bid for them.

Note: Post edited as the earlier auctions have now competed.


  1. On my way to check it out...I have finally decided that I need to move up to the A5 size, but I can't afford to buy new right now. I'm stalking Ebay to find one!!

  2. @Amanda
    There are still some deals on at WHSmiths if you're in the UK, as well as at City Organiser

    (and yes guys, we are two different Amandas - I'm not just messaging myself!)

  3. am I just being daft or is that link not working - it takes me to a 'your search returned no items' page and then when I click on the seller indicated on that page, there are no filofaxes, just sewing things...

  4. Amanda I've removed the first link as that auction has now finished, I think it was only on for a day or two. The second one is still running.

  5. ah... that would explain it!


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