09 April 2011

Malden Magic - Updated

So I've caught the Malden bug recently, not only with the  purchase of the A5 in grey, but I also weakened when I spied a Malden Personal in Crimson at a good price on Amazon. It arrived on Tuesday and I think it looks lovely.

For once I'm not going to do any lengthy description, I think the pictures will speak for themselves. I really enjoyed photographing my 'Brace of Malden's' in the afternoon sun, lots of natural light is far better than any artificial light source.

I hope you like this series of photos.

Postscript: There is a printing error in the new catalogue and on the website, the Malden A5 only appears to have 25mm rings not the 30mm rings they mention on the site. I have complained about this to Filofax, it will be interesting to see what they have to say. I still love the A5 it's just a pity it isn't as advertised.

Further Update: It seems my Malden along with other early A5 examples were fitted with 25mm rings instead of 30 mm rings. I have been promised a replacement soon... 


  1. Really liked the photos. Was actually quite surprised to see that the difference in size is that little! It made me move one step closer to making the switch to A5.

  2. What a beauty! The A5 looks perfect. I really like the pink Malden. I know you mentioned that it didn't look that pretty in reality thougt.

    I received Guildford Compact from Sweden yesterday. I added some pictures on Flickr....http://www.flickr.com/photos/54020897@N02/sets/72157626334238133/with/5602033869/

    I was quite surprised by the insert quality. They really get some better stuff up north :o)

  3. Beautiful photos! Thank you for posting them.

    I already had mini Malden envy--now I can lust after an A5 as well.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I can see why the Malden is such a favourite. I am still disappointed that the vintage pink didn't match up!

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  6. I wish they'd let you edit comments so you don't have to delete and start from scratch if you mess up!

    ANYWAY, I love the way these look! Filofax binders are so poorly made (at least the "scratch and dent" models they send to the US to sell), but that gray is so beautiful I'm almost tempted to ty again if they get it in the US.

  7. @katka, think that Steve's Malden here is red!!! It was the vintage pink that was brighter and a different colour to the catalogue colour,if that helps.

  8. Yes just to confirm my personal size Malden shown in the pictures is the Crimson (red) not the new Vintage Pink colour..


  9. I have to say I am delighted with the quality of the Filofax binders I've bought in the U.S., at least compared to FC or DayTimer, and they don't differ at all in quality from those I saw in London. But I haven't bought hardly any from FilofaxUSA, and I think the quality can vary depending on which model you buy.

  10. Great photos Steve. I really like the zip pocket on the Malden and it will probably be my choice when I next buy a Filofax.

    I'm really bemused by the Filofax customer service at the moment (email at least). As you read on my most recent Filofax post, I tried to feedback about their new WOOPWN layout but have not received any response yet. I also asked about a couple of other things using their "contact us" section but have had no acknowledgment of my query.

    The solution? Ask Philofaxy!

  11. Been away for a while so finally just catching up...

    The Malden A5 has 25mm rings??? No!!!!! It was heading towards being an ideal binder for me until you said that! Hmm. Well, saving me some pennies I suppose...

    The crimson personal looks lovely - why didn't they do that inA5 instead of pepti-bismol pink?