08 April 2011

Free For All Friday No. 125

So another 'Fried Fish and Fries' and I'm back in France... 

Don't forget this Sunday is Skype Philofaxy Roundtable  Look forward to chatting with as many of you as we can.

But as it is Friday, the floor is yours to discuss anything Filofax related.


  1. I have a question: for those of you who use multiple formats (week on 2 pages, day per page/2 pages per day, monthly) what do you use each for? Are they separate, or do you repeat information on both?

  2. Wow! Am I really the first poster today?

    With what has been going on at work, it has been really hard to post any comments. There have been lots of threads to contribute too but since missed them, will just comment on a couple of recent ones.

    I'd be VERY interested in a New York meetup. Until kids get out of school for summer though, my weekends are pretty packed so hopefully the date picked will work out. (I'll send email at later time Steve, I'm using my husband's iPad this morning.)

    In regards to the perfect Filofax, oh how I wish Filofax made an equivalent binder in size to the U.S. "Classic" (8.5 x 5.5) paper size. I've been using a personal size Filofax but would really like one in that 8.5 x 5.5 paper size for my work notes, and to be more compatible with what I print out, for schedule and such.

    I found a cheaper, slim binder in that size for work but, like I said, the binder is cheap and would so love one with Filofax quality.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday!

  3. Oops, will have to type faster to be first.

    Kanalt - I started doing this after everyone was writing about it because I thought it would help give me combine what I like about a week on 2 pages and a day per page. I just got the additional week on 2 pages recently so am only on week 2, but I like it.

    On the week on 2 pages, the daily boxes are more free form so I designated a box for work to dos and a box for home to dos, any to dos that I have to get done during the week but don't have to be on a certain day. Then on the day per page, I record schedule, daily journal of what actually did and then those to dos that have to be done on at day. When I have time, I look back to the week on 2 pages for other to dos I need to do for the week or if new to dos pop up, I record them there until I know what day they go on. So far, seems to be working ok but week 4 or 6 will be better analysis than now, especially after those remnant to dos add up over time (the ones don't get to in a week).

  4. @kanalt i use the month on two pages together with two days per page. the month on two pages is my big picture view with travel, special events, and any on-going projects. the day on two pages is where i put all my to-do liss, notes on what i may have learned that day, individual appointments, and plans. For example, a trip might be highlighted for ten days on the month but the time of the flights and flight numbers would be listed on the two days per page. if that makes sense.

  5. @Colie I saw a Green Piccadilly personal on Ebay UK--I think you were on the look out for one once...

    @Karensa Some of the A5 binders are more accomodating and can hold the larger planner pages. I believe the zipped A5 binders have more give on the right side...but I do not own one. Check the previously made posts on the site.

    I track daily to dos on the 2 pp week (adding to do lists as necessary). Appointments start on the monthly view but are transferred over to the weekly pagess when I create my daily agenda/todos on Sunday evenings.

    I may move to 1 ppd for to dos next year...still evaluating the current set-up.

    Happy weekend, all!

    (deleted my previous comment--too many typos!)

  6. Kanalt: I most use the weekly pages, white and unlined. I do have the monthly pages in my filo at the moment, but find that I almost never look at them. So I might take them out.
    I used the daily pages for a few weeks to make more detailed daily plans, but I have gone back to just using the weekly pages. I was making planning more complicated without any good reason. I have tried monthly and daily pages together without weekly pages and that worked pretty ok too, only carrying the whole year made my filo so fat. The weekly pages are mosthly more than enough, as I do have more todos than appointments. I have written about the contents of my filo on my blog some time ago.

  7. I really appreciate all the work put into Files section of this blog. I have a (probably silly) question: When people print out the templates for Personal size, do you print it on blank paper from Filofax, or do you print on regular paper and cut and hole punch?

    I really enjoy this blog and everyone's contributions.

  8. @skhen yeah i am bidding on it. unfortunately someone else is too.

  9. I use page-per-day as well as the tabbed month-on-two-pages (vertical). PPD is good for details, MOTP is good for overview (events, travel, holidays, etc). I also use the tabs to break up the daily sheets into months, so it's easier to flip to a date.

    I know some of you like multicolor ink pens, I recently bought a couple of Japanese pens with interchangeable ink barrels, made by Pilot: http://www.jetpens.com/index.php/cPath/91_149_346
    You can do up to 4 colors in a variety of line thicknesses with a nice gel ink, rather than old-fashioned ballpoint. There are about 10 ink colors available.
    The barrel is still a little thick for most of my Filo pen loops, though elastic loops are fine and my Adelphi slimline has a pen clip loop, so that works perfectly.
    Jetpens.com has a lot of different multicolor pens, some of which are 2 or 3 colors and possibly slim enough for a leather pen loop, but I haven't tried them. I'm totally hooked on the Coleto pens.

  10. @Mallory Thanks for your feedback. I print the pages on to Filofax Pages, or paper cut to the right size, you can get three pages out of a sheet of A4.

    See the details on how to print on to personal pages


    Let us know if there are any inserts you would like to see added to the files page. Happy to create some more.

  11. @kanalt I use the dailies for making notes about stuff that happened. I use the wotp for to do's, and the month for paydays, days I work, bills due etc.

  12. Hi Kanalt,
    I use a week on two pages in A5 format, with the hours printed vertically. I have also designed my own monthly pages so I can have an overview of the months ahead, ie plan ahead for busy times.I am finding this a little constrictive though..... not enough room, so may well modify or abandon this. A nuisance, as I like to see the months ahead as a whole too.I have a daily page which is a summary of my to dos, notes jottings and appointments.It was made by Steve and is just so jolly useful.

  13. @Mallory I have a big budget pack of pre-punched FF personal size blank paper (bought from FF themselves) and I print out straight onto that - no cutting, no punching

  14. Thanks for the replies. Currently I use a month on two pages for long-term planning, a week on two pages for detailed planning (appointments, to-dos, etc) and a day per page for diary keeping. But it seems that I spend a lot of time copying information from my weekly pages to my daily pages. I'm trying to cut down on copying so much information.

  15. Colie -- I bought one of those pen loops at Staples about a month ago, but unfortunately it got lost in the piles in my office before I could even try it out! I'm planning on attaching it to a plastic divider insert so I can move it about between filos.

  16. I bought one of those pen loops last year for use in a journal - they are made by Leuchtturm1917 & come in different colours. But be aware that the glue is very strong - once attached to a notebook (or Filo) you won't be able to remove it without causing serious damage!

  17. @iris & @petra good to know. i was thinking they would be best attached to a divider as well