27 April 2011

2012 diary inserts are now available on Filofax US and UK websites!

Yes, I have been checking EVERY DAY waiting very impatiently for them to arrive! Not all formats are available yet, for instance I'm still waiting for the 2012 month on 2 pages in Personal and A5 size on the US website. But I'm sure they'll be up any second now!

If, like me, you are impatient to start planning next year already, you can find the 2012 diary inserts at the links below!

Click here for 2012 diary inserts from the Filofax USA site

Click here for 2012 diary inserts from the Filofax UK website

(Or better yet, if you are in the UK please click through the links here on the Philofaxy page to order, so a percentage of your order can be donated!)


  1. Filofax still haven't 'got it' regarding the week on two pages (columns) needing to be available in the UK, have they? So its either order from one of the EU countries where they *don't* have internet sales on theri website (WHY???!!!) or change yet again.

    At this rate of ignoring their customers, I am seriously doubtful I'm going to continue with FF into 2012. I had my Time Manager out again last week and i *know* I can get a fully formed and functioning multi-format (day, week, month, year) system for under £30, which is starting to sound like a much better dal than a company that just doesn't seem to care about customer needs. *And* it's a proper results tool as well as just a diary and list-keeper.

  2. @David
    I'm SO with you! The vertical format is great - I use it in my A5 filofax but there's just nothing for the personal size. I had a really good look at the TM stuff too and wonder if that's the way to go.

  3. @Amanda Have you used TMI before? I recall we exchanged comments about this before.....I think! If you want to email me offline at davidpopely (at) googlemail (dot) com, I'm always happy to extol the virtues, provide scans of forms, explain how it all fits together, etc etc. I must admit that this has got me quite grumpy....I think business need to listen to the perceived needs of their customers (as a business owner myself), and be responsive. I don't think FF are doing that at the moment, but rather putting all their eggs in the 'we are currently fashionable' basket, releasing more and more new binders, neglecting the 'working parts' of the system. Fashion is fuckle, and when that bandwagon eventually moves on, I think FF will get a nasty shock if they have alienated the 'core' users.....

  4. @David,
    I've not used the system before, but I have emailed you for your advice! Thank you for such a kind offer.
    I think FF needs to sit up and listen to some of the core customers. As I've said before - getting the inserts right will make all the customers happy! Why there is no single internet store is completely beyond me! I know I am not alone in wanting that.

  5. There simply isn't a good reason for not having a single global internet store these days except if you can't be bothered. Case closed.....have emailed you a pile of info re Time Manager

  6. Am going to try adapting my Filofax to do the job of a Time Manager system......I may be some time......:)

  7. and...? Have you managed to fit the square peg into the round hole??
    Good luck!

    And thanks for the email! I'm really grateful.

  8. Well I've not started as I've had a lot to do today.

    Are you interested in the results?

    Have emailed you back


  9. Philofaxy is interested... possible Guest Post?

  10. David Popely, I also am interested in your Time Manager info. I'd love it if you could email your info to: my username you see here + @gmail.com