18 April 2011

A5 Malden with 30 mm rings

Just in case you haven't read my two updated posts...  I have been in contact with Filofax UK again today regarding diary inserts shown on the UK website.

But in their reply they also said that they have investigated the Malden size issue further and in fact it should have a 30mm mechanism as stated on their website / catalogue.

However, there were some early stock quantities which contained a 25mm mechanism in error. Bulk stock which will be arriving shortly will contain the correct 30mm mechanism. They are arranging a replacement for me as soon as stock becomes available.

Naturally I'm quite pleased about the outcome, because to me a 30mm A5 Malden is close to the perfect Filofax for me.

Obviously, I will let you know when I receive the replacement, more photos....


  1. Lucky, lucky you. You could potentially own two A5 Maldens very soon. Gosh the philofaxy units are adding up! hehe.

  2. so if bulk stock is coming to filofax shortly... does that mean the antique rose A5 will be available to buy soon?? hmm...

  3. Thought I'd throw this in there since we are discussing rings size.
    Ordered a Time System due to the fact I was discussed with my current planning system.
    Hated the Time System and returned it. Ordered a Daytimer system, returned it.
    Then I started thinking I needed to stop the madness and decide what I was looking for.
    Well, today I ordered a Zipped Finsbury in A5 and it has 1.25" rings!!
    Stupid me, I didn't realize it the last 15000 times I was on their site.
    My new plan includes a PPD business with extra "to do's" so I can move my to'do's to the page of the day.
    Extra blank dividers so I can use some of the suggestions that Time System has without being locked into their system.
    Should be here Thursday!!

  4. Great outcome Steve.... Well done Filofax for sorting that out too!

  5. this may be my perfect filofax too... deciding between ochre and vintage pink now, but i will go to see them in london before i make my purchase (or rather, ask my mum to buy them for my birthday!)

  6. Wow! That is making me rethink the personal/A5 debate for when I eventually upgrade... too bad the A5 would outweigh the rest of my handbag :(

  7. Yay :-) Do you know when the A5's will be in stock on the Filofax UK website? just Filofax dont seem to respond to anyone on the facebook page any more? :-S

  8. Mmmm... I was quite interested in the A5 Malden when I thouoght it had 30mm rings but then couldn't see an advantage over my beloved Finchley when it then said it had 25mm rings.
    Now it's 30mm... (assuming it is).

    No Amanda, no! You don't need one! Seriously. You don't!

  9. the vintage rose A5 Malden is now available for purchase on the filofax website :)

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  11. I would much prefer 25 mm rings to 30 mm rings myself. That would be an error I would love to encounter!

  12. Glad that this issue was resolved for you. Great customer service. The view from above really shows the difference in ring size (some-thing I had not thought about before)....

    Now debating a grey filofax (personal). Love the colour...

  13. Hi everyone this is my first post. Im just waiting for my first ever Filofax to be delivered...A5 Cuban in Saddle Brown but I have since gone and fallen in love with another one! the A5 Malden in Vintage Rose. Can someone help me out...is Vintage Rose (this is not on their website) the same as Vintage Pink (but this is!)
    All the promotion I have seen is for the rose which is the one I now want :o) p.s great site and I look forward to chatting to you all in the future x

  14. Alexandra. Sorry I think it's an incorrect caption of mine on one of the photos that has caused the confusion. The Malden is in fact only available in Vintage Pink. Vintage Rose was a typo.

    Sorry about that.