20 April 2011

Guest Post - Filofax Find - Jason Helzer

Thanks to Jason for writing in about this recent find:

I've been a subscriber to your blog for quite a while now and I thoroughly enjoy reading the varied articles about Filofaxes and the many ways they are being used by people. I myself do not routinely use a Filofax because I prefer the half-sheet side of organizer, and here in the US that doesn't work so well with an A5 format planner. Regardless, I love the work you do and you have given me many ideas how to use my planner (a DayTimer).

However, I had an experience yesterday that I thought I'd share with you. I'm an avid collector of Midcentury Modern house wares and furniture, and as such I frequent many estate sales and thrift stores. Yesterday, while making my usual Thursday rounds, I came across the second Filofax that I've ever found "in the wild", a red personal Keswick:

As you can see by the price tag in the picture, it was $0.80. But since it was Thursday, there was a 25% sale, and I got it for my wife for $0.60.

It needed some cleaning, and they had the gall to attach the tag with staples (which actually rubbed out surprisingly well), but all in all, it's in very nice shape. The inside is near perfect and there is only a bit of staining on the outside. Not enough to be un attractive, but to give it the look of being used and loved.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this little anecdote, and if you feel so inclined to share it with your readers, please feel free to do so. There are much higher quality pictures available on my Flickr account (http://www.flickr.com/photos/helz/) that you are free to use as well.


Jason Helzer

Thank you Jason, yes we always love to hear about 'Filofax Finds' I always look for them in charity shops when I'm in UK, not come up lucky yet, but you never know!!


  1. Wow what an amazing find!!!! Although I am outraged they stapled anything to the binder itself!!

  2. Wow! That is an amazing find. Never thought to look in charity shops. Can't believe they stapled the binder (I can feel my blood pressure rising at the thought).

  3. I love red Filofaxes -- so cheery! I hope your wife was thrilled. I've had some finds, but never for $.60 -- wow! And I agree, stapling to a filofax must deserve a special punishment in the afterlife...why not just attach the tag to the rings? Not like you have to be afraid of someone switching the tags for a better deal!

  4. I wonder if applying a little steam to the leather would 'plump' it up and close the staples holes a little? (Like a garment steamer or the steam burst from an iron?)

  5. i wonder, what is the keswick made of? was it the first non-leather filo?


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