28 April 2011

Matching Filofax and phone

As we all know, I'm not the most technologically advanced person in the world. But recently I took a big step into a techie world I had not yet dipped a toe into. I bought a smartphone.

My old phone was so unsmart, it didn't even have a camera. But I loved it anyway. Even so, it was time to upgrade. I needed something with internet access on the go.

I'm a Nokia girl. There's just something about Nokia phones that I like. They feel comfortable to me.

So when I went looking for a new phone, there was no question which brand I would get, I just had to settle on which model. It was an easy choice: the Nokia C3, with WiFi, Facebook and Twitter apps, and a good camera.

Here it is. Can you guess why I chose this particular color?

Don't they look great together????

With the information I keep in my Deco Filofax and the connectivity of my new phone, I can rule the universe with just these two items!


Does anyone else match their phone and Filofax?


  1. Love! My Blackberry matches my Malden. I'd snap a pic but my phone met a cup of coffee yesterday and let's just say Berry didn't fare so well.

    Loved your previous Deco and Coach bag post, too! I just got a Vera Bradley bag in the Baroque pattern to match my Filo and phone. I like matchy matchy, I guess!

  2. Check out my Flickr photostream: phone being perfect match for Raspberry Finsbury ...

  3. Great match Laurie, I will be interested to hear how you get on with the C3, I'm also a long time Nokia user. But a very low user these days too.

  4. My Samsung touch screen fits nicely in the back snap pocket of my personal ivory Deco!

  5. Lovely photo. My Adelphi used to match with my iPad. But now I have swapped to Crimson Malden so it will clash. My iPhone is boring black so I guess it goes with everything?

  6. Congratulations on the new phone! Now - the burning question I have is; does your Decofax (gorgeous BTW) have a Dodo-Pad Filofax-compatible diary refill inside? That would be the ultimate! I use a red Domino A5 Filofax with 2011 Dodo-Pad A5 diary insert and an (almost matching) iPhone. Toodlepip!

  7. I got a new computer at work the other day and the IT guy said, "Did you want me to set it up to synch with your phone and diary?" and I looked at my filofax and wondered how that would work...!

    Very nice combo Laurie. VERY chic!

  8. Sweet. My netbook matches my Personal Domino. Navy blue.

  9. Tres chic! My Blackberry and Domino don't match, but I'd say the pink case compliments the grey Domino well!

    And Sandra- I was going to tell you before- if you haven't fixed your phone already, try putting it in a container of plain, uncooked rice. It sounds crazy, but I've seen it save multiple phones!

  10. That is really cute. I actually, unintentionally, have a matching phone and Filo. I use a Personal Teal Finchley. My phone is a Palm Pre, with a GelaSkins cover of Van Gogh's Almond Branches in Bloom. I don't have a picture, as my only camera is the one on my phone, but here is the site. http://www.gelaskins.com/store/skins/phones/Palm_Pre/Almond_Branches_in_Bloom

    It is really pretty and feminine. I just love it!

  11. Ive never even seen a phone that colour! Love them together, very cute! (Im so bored of my old black phone.. only 6 more months to go......) x

  12. Lovely picture - they really were meant for each other! This combination is so sophisticated - whenever I try to do the matching thing it ends up looking a bit childish!

    @Saffronia: I love your combination too! The Almond Blossom image is gorgeous and must go really well with your Teal Finchley -another very sophisticated look!

    I don't have a matching look at all - I just retired my own Teal Finchley in favour of a new Aqua Finsbury - which I love - but my phone is an ancient silver and black nokia - not a smartphone - just a basic model. I suppose I think of my phone as purely functional, whereas my filofax has to be gorgeous!

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