11 April 2011

Web Finds

Yet more excellent posts for you to read over your coffee break.


  1. I know I'm running the risk of everybody hating me, but... yes, it's true, I got an Adelphi A5 (which normally is 129 Euro) for a mere 4,90 Euro. On Thursday, I noticed by chance that Filofax Germany had accidently put the wrong price online; so I ordered one... and it was shipped the next day. (Shipping was 3 Euro.) Since it was an obvious error, FF could have easily backed out of the contract - but I'm happy to say that they didn't!

    I will post a review of the Adelphi on my blog later this week; pics are already on Flickr.

  2. @Iris - No! Hate is too strong of a word and the wrong word! I (and probably all who read philofaxy) am proud of you for getting such a great bargain on a great filofax and for your diligence in spotting such an oversight on price and acting promptly, too! Go, Iris!!! Okay, maybe there is a tinge, a hint of jealously, too, because I've never spotted such an error on filofaxusa.com but hey, it's okay! At least I can claim to "know" someone who got the best deal of the year!


  3. No, well done Iris for spotting it, and also well done FF DE for honouring the contract... their error.

    I've looked at the photos very nice too. I hope you enjoy owning it.

    We all spot deals occasionally... me included!

  4. No hatred--envious, perhaps!

    Enjoy your new Filofax! She's a beauty!

  5. Additional 'find' - I notice that WH Smith are still doing cracking deals on binders via their website. You'll need to know your binders, though, because if you go to a store a) you'll find that not all the deals are there, and b) you'll find all the binder boxes are empty, and have to be taken to the customer services desk to be filled. Anyway, if you *do* know your stuff, online's got to be better than visiting their dimly-lit poorly-organised stores, hasn;t it?!

    Finally, just a navigation tip....the full range of A5 binders doesn't seem to be linked from the main Filofax page (duh......) but if you click on one of the ones which is on offer at the top, you should then be able to see the full range at the bottom of the next page.

    Don't know if I'll be emailing in to offer DW's assistance in making their site navigation logical......