26 April 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 12

So I hope you had a good Easter... did you think of any questions to ask today? Fire away.....


  1. Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Does anyone happen to know if the personal Malden in ochre has been discontinued? I’d really like to get one (not that I need any more Filofaxes, poor student that I am) but it hasn’t been available on the UK Filofax site for a while. :(

    Also, I’d just like to say how great this blog is. I check Philofaxy (and Plannerisms, another fantastic blog) for new posts almost every day. I love to see how other people use their Filofaxes and you guys have such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Please keep up the great work. :)

  2. @Dallas I have the new catalogue and it is on page 5 - Personal Ochre (product number - 425808 -£72).

    @Steve - just noticed on the same page of the catalogue that the A5 Malden is only listed in Ochre and Vintage Pink but no grey. Do you think I have an early catalogue and there will be updates?! A bit confused....

  3. @G.Cacti - would be possible to scann the new catalogue and get it online? thank you.

  4. Globetrotting I just checked my catalogue from the Philofaxy meet up and it is the same. Ochre is listed for all sizes though Dallas :-)

    @Dallas the crimson Malden is available from city organiser for almost half price. You can save some student pennies! I bought one and you can see it here


  5. Hi Dallas!
    I had exactly the same problem as you, I really wanted the Malden personal in ochre, and in the end I bought it from pens and leather, the US website http://www.pensandleather.com/filofax-malden-personal-leather-organizer-ochre.aspx
    Because it's from the US I had to pay quite a lot for postage but because the price of the filo itself is very cheap on this website (about £45) the price of that plus the postage was actually cheaper than the price of a Malden from the UK filofax website!
    It is in the filofax catalogue, at least on the version I have seen on the philofaxy post about it, but I think that catalogue is misleading because it shows the ochre available in all sizes but not the crimson, but now it is the other way around! They must have changed their minds about selling the ochre. I emailed filofax and they confirmed it wasn't available to buy in the UK any more :(

  6. The Malden Ochre will be available again, they ran out a couple of months ago, and it will be ready when the new colours are launched.

  7. Hi guys, I'm currently using my Zipped personal Finsbury of 4 years, and also own a Cuban Zipped personal size. (i went back to my finsbury cos i hated that the cuban wouldn't stay flat.)

    at the moment, I want to buy a malden so very badly! but i am worried about moving over to a clasp version of filo (never used one, except my mini..)
    will i have to worry about my papers being dirtied or torn because they are not protected by the zip?

  8. @app1eg I have only ever used clasp filos and never had a problem with the pages getting dirty. Once you don't spill anything on it, the pages should be fine! :-)

  9. @app1eg I still have some of my original pages from 1985 and they are still fine only ever been kept in an open Filo, I don't have any with a zipper.

    There is quite a good 'margin' between the pages and the edge of the Filo so they should be ok.

  10. Thanks everyone for all of your helpful responses.

    @Cacti Yay! Thank you for looking that up. :)

    @CP City Organiser’s prices are ridiculously good but I really have my heart set on the Ochre which they don’t sell. Your Malden is absolutely gorgeous, I voted for it in your “Which Filofax Should I Use?” poll. Not that the Finsbury isn’t fantastic in its own right. My first Filofax was a personal Finsbury in black that I got as a gift from my Mum last Christmas, so I’ll probably always have a bit of a soft spot for them.

    @TPS Thanks so much for the link! Craig, below, kindly let me know that they’ll eventually start selling the Ochre again but just in case it takes forever to restock (or they decide not to, chimes my inner pessimist) I’ve bookmarked the site.

    @Craig I’m actually not terribly surprised that they ran out, the Malden seems to be very popular. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to be patient. :)

  11. Personal Crimson Malden... City Organiser... £40

    Can anyone:
    a) think of (enough) good reasons NOT to get one?
    b)think of three other uses for filofaxes that don't include the normal diary/to-do etc, book-o-fax, travel-fax or writing-fax?

    I think I (and CP!) need some help!

  12. Thank you CPrincess and Steve for your response. I'm eyeing the Vintage Pink, though i know you all don't like that shade!

    However, it does look like i will have to put off buying it for now till I get my very first job upon graduating from university! Money is tight for hubby and i now. :(
    Oh well, it will be a congratulatory gift for myself for getting a job, if not a graduating gift.

  13. It seems like the golden age of Filofax prices is over. :(


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