21 April 2011

Filofax Delivery Options.

So you want to order something from an overseas Filofax website?
  • What are the delivery charges? 
  • Do they even offer overseas delivery? 
Let me just say it's not simple... rather than quote actual costs in this post because they are likely to change with time, I thought it best to simply list pages that detail the costs.

On Line Ordering International Delivery
UK Yes Yes/Value
Australia YesYes
Beligum NoNo
Canada NoNo
Czech Republic NoNo
China NoNo
Denmark Yes Yes/Weight
France Yes Yes/Value
Germany Yes EU only/Value
Greece No No
Hong Kong Yes via Link Yes/Individual order basis
Italy Yes Yes/Value
Japan No No
Korea No No
Netherlands No No
New Zealand No No
Norway Yes Yes/Value
Portugal No No
Singapore No No
Spain No No
Sweden Yes Yes/Value
Switzerland No No
Taiwan NoNo
USA Yes USA, Canada Only/Value

Why are so many sites just like a shop window and you can't order from them? It's because in those countries they are only distributors and they aren't allowed to sell direct to the public.

The sites that do offer on-line ordering I think are subsidiaries of the main Filofax UK company. 

We can also recommend City Organiser for very reasonable prices and a sensible policy on delivery charges


  1. Re: Filofax Canada. Our online shop is actually the US shop. And it is deucedly hard to find Filofaxes in bricks & mortar shops, too, especially since there seems to be no real list of retailers anywhere.

  2. there is an option in filofax to find a store type where you are and numerous stores will appear

  3. Why the HECK are the binders at filofaxshop.com.au so expensive? AUD 100.00 for a Metropol? AUD 780.00 for a Deco?