15 April 2011

Free For All Friday No. 126

It's mid-month! Do you use your Filofax to do a mid-month review? I like to review my monthly goals mid-month, it always helps me get back on the rails.

And to all you US Philofaxers, did you get your taxes in yet? Has your Filofax helped you with your taxes this year by recording info, keeping important receipts, etc.?

And as always on Fridays, the floor is yours to discuss anything Filofax-related! :)


  1. A lot of good offers on a lot of Filos in the Danish store right now. Especially on the popular amazona...

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. And Decos at 50% off, making them quite reasonable... also Denmark only charges shipping by weight not value...

    1. What a great idea! I wish filofax.co.uk did that!

  3. Laurie - Taxes are done and return has arrived! My Filo did help with it - "remind hubby to complete forms." Very detailed. ;) He's an accountant, so unfortunately for him, that job falls squarely in his lap. Too bad Filos can't be written off - that would be a big bonus for us and my hubby might actually *let* me buy more!

  4. Taxes done and refund due any day now. Just in time for that Filofax Denmark sale...not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

    Off to shop...have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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  6. I wonder what those letter on the inside of the clasp near where it's stitched onto your filo mean? e.g. my Kendal has EHV, and my finsbury has VLV... I wonder if they are the initials of the manufacturers?

  7. Yes they are quality control markings. I've not checked my recent ones!

    But it was discussed on Flickr nearly two years ago here:


  8. Every now and then I see folks say that they are using two pages per day diary refills. I can't see them on the filofax website, can you get them in the UK?

  9. It's pre-empting a post I've already written... but the two pages per day refills I believe are this one:


    They are available at Neal Street and Conduit Street as well...


  10. Took delivery of a new Guildford from PensAndLeather yesterday - understated, dare I say masculine ;)! Am I the owner of an endangered species?

    I've got it filled with twenty pages of typewritten drafts and ideas in a "Projects" section, a "Notes" section of handwritten journaling - a little over a month takes up 2/3 of the organizer! - and a "Diary" section where I have a week-per-page.

    I would love for the pen loop to take my Waterman Carene - has anyone ever successfully "stretched" a leather pen loop? Right now, it's not even close, so I wonder if that's even realistic. I have a Hemisphere that slips in nicely but just doesn't feel that nice in my hand.

  11. The Danish site has the Amethyst Personal that I want :( works out about £118 plus whatever the postage is - any ideas what that could be?


  12. Never mind, I've looked. It's a bargain. Dilemma time x

  13. Malden A5 vs. Finchley A5?
    Which one do you prefer and why?
    How is the thichness of the cover itself on the two models? Anyone gotten their hands on both???