18 April 2011

One Year On...18 April 2010

I couldn't let today pass without mentioning the Philofaxy meet up, between Laurie and myself a year ago today.

In comparison to the meet-ups that have happened since it was a fairly low key event! But just as memorable as I'm sure Laurie will agree with me.

In the last 12 months a lot has happened. Laurie has moved twice, first to her beloved Scotland, land of snow and 'weather' and beautiful views, and more recently to Jakarta, a 20 degree temperature shift and a whole different culture!

I also took a big change in life style by resigning from my UK job and emigrating to France and in to semi-retirement. I still work, but only part time... the rest of the time I've been devoting to Philofaxy..

The meet up between Laurie and I that Sunday fuelled a lot of posts from both of us as we later recalled things we had discussed that afternoon. The same thing happens when ever we have a Skype chat or a meet up it sparks off questions or ideas that are generated by talking to you the readers, which is great.

Philofaxy has also changed in the last 12 months, a lot more people have discovered the blog and return to read the latest posts virtually everyday.  I hope we are keeping you interested and helping you make better use of your Filofax Organisers.

I'm looking forward to future meet ups both in UK, Europe and in the US, although sadly I can't promise to be able to attend all of them.


  1. Was that a year ago already?!?! Wow so much has happened in that time!!

    Steve it was wonderful to meet you in person! We had so much to talk about, and you gave me an excellent tour of London! I had a great time.

    I wish I could have attended a Philofaxy meetup before I left the UK (and in fact was meant to go on one last year but had to bail at the last minute). I would love to meet up with you again Steve and all the other Philofaxers! Maybe when I get myself back to Scotland I'll be able to meet up again. :)

  2. A year ago I had never heard of Philofaxy! I find that difficult to believe now as it has become one of my favourites due to the mix of great articles and a fantastic community. I must read it every day!

    Laurie I am sad we didn't meet at a Philofaxy event but time flies quickly and soon enough you will be back in Scotland!

    Thanks Steve, Nan and Laurie for a fantastic blog.

  3. Philofaxy is my must read blog every day - thank you all for a great resource! It's wonderful to be able to interact with other who have similar interests!

  4. I love to read Philofaxy everyday, its part of my routine, i dont think the day would be the same without it :-)

  5. Like CP, a year ago I hadn't heard of Philofaxy and had no new filofaxes (just generic, non-filo brand things left over from the 80s/90s).
    Oh how things have changed!
    I try and read Philofaxy each day (and miss it when I can't!) and am always picking up hints and tips here, as well as feeling as if I have made new friends. And since it is such a community of enablers, I have now got 6 new filofaxes!
    Keep up the excellent work!!

  6. @Laurie, I thought of you a month or so back.Just before you moved, I was in Aberdeen for a few days, for an interview at the university. I had a wonderful and glorious meal at Cafe Boheme on Windmill Brae.If you are back in Aberdeen,you MUST filofax in that place!!!!!! I wish I had thought to e.mail you before going, as a fellow Philofaxer,to have met up and said hi!!!!
    Like CP, I'd like to say thank you to Steve, Nan and you Laurie, for such a great blog.

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  8. Although it has been said already, thank you Nan, Steve, and Laurie for creating and maintaining this blog! Like Amanda, Kyla, and others, I did not know a community like this existed. I had one Filofax long ago used and forgotten--the children took it and it could be anywhere--but now I am happily buying and using Filofaxes again.

    One seemed to be enough before Philofaxy, but now I know one is not enough, nor need it be! I look forward to sharing my organizers with you all this summer on Flickr. No time now!

    Take care, everyone.

  9. I can't believe I didn't know of Philofaxy less than six months ago! I can't imagine life without it; you all have put together such a wonderful community.

    Can't wait to eventually join a Skype chat, and hopefully someday a meet up!

  10. Same as caribbean princess, a year ago I'd never heard of philofaxy.. but so glad that I found it..

    However - your comment about using my FF better.. well... not exactly - I've constantly reorganised it and I'm still trying to find a solution that works! lol.

    Keep up the good work. xx

  11. I have to jump on the wagon. 3 months ago I had never heard of a Filofax, let alone of Philofaxy! So thank you for feeding my new found and very loved addiction.

  12. Around a year ago, I was searching for blogs about planners. I thought I was the "only one", and that I'd never find anything. (I think that's so funny now!)

    Lo and behold--there was Philofaxy AND Plannerisms--JACKPOT. Thank you Steve, Nan, and Laurie!


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