10 April 2011

Flickr Challenge - Filofax on Location

So summer is fast approaching and I'm sure you will be taking a Filofax or two on your travels with you.

So why not take a photo of your Filofax in a holiday location. Bonus points for taking a photo of your Winchester in the city of Winchester... or your Buckingham in Buckingham (a small shires town north west of London) you get the idea I'm sure....

Post them on the Philofaxy Flickr Group and we will have a bit of fun seeing the coolest Filo's sunning themselves or showing off thier 'tanned hides' to the passing folks...

Yes the idea was inspired by the photo that @Tommes_S posted on Twitter of his Malden Mini in Italy.


  1. I took some photos last summer, see my set on Flickr.

  2. I have an Amazona... that's quite a trip I'll have to make!

    Great idea!

  3. i doubt when i will make it to windsor or piccadilly but i love the idea of us taking photos of our filos in the field. can we call it the "filos in the field project". can't wait to see what gets posted!

    also i wonder who will go to cuba first...

  4. Does this mean I have to travel to the past with my Deco????

  5. What a fun idea! Too bad Karl Malden is no longer alive ; ) Which is way more fun than, say, Malden MA.

    Still trying to get Filofax action shots from Kuwait...

  6. I guess there's no major prize for taking a Domino to a pizza place??

  7. I can't legally travel to Cuba(n).
    I suppose a cigar store will have to do.