27 April 2011

What's in your Filofax?: Your Lists

To continue our What's in your Filofax? series, this week's focus is on lists.

Filofax binders can hold an endless variety of lists of all types, indefinitely (unlike bound-book planners which would require you to re-write your lists each year).  You can add new pages to existing lists, remove a list entirely, or adapt an ongoing list as needed.

I keep a variety of long-term lists in my Filofax that I add to year after year.  They are:

In my Lists tabbed section I have lists for long-term to-dos; things for visiting family members to bring for me from the US; things to get in Scotland the next time we go back; books about Scotland to read; science books to read; books about Scotland to get; other books to get; DVDs to get; websites; magazine subscriptions; gift ideas for family members.

In my Me tabbed section I have a list of quotes I find inspirational. I also have a list of gift ideas for me so that when a family member asks me what I want for my birthday or a holiday I have something in mind to tell them.

In my Goals section I have lists of goals in the following categories: Learning goals for my son to prepare him for Kindergarten this fall; Personal goals; Home and Family goals; and Financial goals. I also keep lists of my New Year's Resolutions for each year, to remind myself of how my focus changes over time.

In my International section I have a list of all my frequent flier numbers and other membership rewards numbers.

What lists do you keep in your Filofax?


  1. I have - books to read, books I've read, presents to buy during the year (big family :o), papers to finish, exams to pass. And two weeks ago I made a list of Filofaxes I owned in past and then gave away, sold, returned, etc.

  2. In my primary Filo I have:

    -lists of things to do by location (home, phone, computer, etc.)
    -lists of things to purchase by store
    -a list of websites to visit
    -a list of books to read
    -a list of impotant contacts
    -a list of people to pray for
    -a list of inspirational quotes
    -a list of primary passwords with coded websites

    I have a whole set of lists in my 101 in 1001 days Filo. Each Filo has its own particular list arrangement.

    Guess I love lists as much as most of you do!

  3. I have the following:-

    To-do list (work)
    To-do list (non-work)
    Books to read list - already owned (there are a few of these)
    Books to read list - to be obtained
    Grocery shopping list (if I don't add things as they occur to me I forget)
    List of software info, like serial numbers etc.
    List of songs DW and I need to rehearse, work up and/or generally keep 'sharp' for performance.
    List of blog entries I want to write. I have several blogs, one of which is being pieced together historically, so as things occur I need to note them.
    Usually a couple more 'ad hoc' lists-of-the-moment.

    Hope this helps


  4. in my home A5
    Ive created separate tabs for each month (using post-it ividers (to save space) then ive created a month view for birthdays , bills, money, notes, important dates and doctors appointments - so i can quickly view what is happening each month,
    next is PTSD - for my husband nightmares , doc appointments and progress
    -then tab for birthdays, anniversaries etc
    tablets - for my husband medication
    then personal family information
    then important numbers
    then calendar
    then SSAFA ( for our meetings)
    then Royal British Legion - for poppy collections etc
    then my wish list ( everything a woman wants :))
    then notes

    same month view like in a5
    ssafa- quick lance what i need to do
    Royal British legion
    PTSD - for a quick reference
    medical- tablets / family info/ doc appointments

    sorry using Colin's account again

    (ARIANA1985 /Pati)

  5. Forgot to add the following (most importantly of all):-

    Business goals for the year.
    Personal goals for the year.
    Business longer-term goals.
    Personal longer-term goals.

    I reset the goals every year in between Christmas and the New Year, and I review and adjust them when we have our early Summer holiday which is usually the last week in April, although this year it will be a bit later, in June. I do believe in regular reviewing, and doing it at the same times each year works for me


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  7. Oh, lots of lists.
    I have lists of:
    things I'd like to buy for myself
    things we need to buy for the lab
    Standing PO numbers
    Workflow for various experiments and projects
    Lists of reagents and their working concentrations
    Vacation plans
    Human packing list
    Dog boarding packing list
    Household needs
    Dog vaccinations
    Korean language vocabulary (I'm learning Korean)
    Restaurants to try
    Movies to watch
    Hikes to try
    usernames and passwords (coded so only I can understand them)
    Gift ideas

    I use a page-per-day calendar so every day is essentially a list of things to do that day, and also a list of things done on that day (restaurants visited, movies seen, etc).

  8. since i've recently revamped my filo - it has really come to my attention that besides the calendar, everything else in there is a list:

    in todo section:
    personal stuff i need to work on (patience, more positive outlook, vocal self restraint)
    things i want to buy (fashion, misc)
    mail art projects
    quotes from current book i'm reading (blink - malcolm something i can't read)
    snarling post - posts written
    gifts i need to make
    what to do for mommie's cool + themes
    things to work on with milo (potty training, etc and then crafts, etc)
    stuff to work on with strummer
    objects i want to make
    drawings i want to do
    things i need to look at more (industrial design, japanese packaging fluxus visual inspira for the art)

    art section:
    art supplies i want/need
    pens and stationary i want / need
    bags i want (mbmj!)

    pack section:
    storytimes in local libraries
    stuff to do in indy w/milo (museums and such with hours and admission prices)
    places to look up classes for 3yo (want mommie & kid art or music)
    potential daycares (for when i go back to work)
    food we've tried for strummer and direct "results" (so far taste of the wild gives the best poop)
    milo + strummer packing lists for when we go to lolo & lola's
    things i'd like for the kitchen, living room, & yard
    tools we need!
    woodworking reference books and magazines
    things to do with nieces + gift ideas for them

    food section:
    ideas to cook separated into chicken; beef & other meats; pasta & grains; soups, salads & stews; vegetarian; sandwiches & things milo will eat.
    mexican restaurants to try in indy (green check if we liked it, red x if we didn't)
    food blogs/websites
    food books & people to look up
    index of recipes from cooking light subscription

    lists section: (heh heh)
    movies i should see
    movies i've seen
    books i should read
    books i've read
    music i like (gotta look up the band)
    people to look up
    and finally on special pink lined paper - good times, good times (mostly really really fun times i've had with the kid and the guy i married and that stinker dog we are trying to shape into a nice polite young fellow)

    yeah. i love lists

  9. In my personal Malden (daily planner):
    Phone numbers
    Short-terms to dos
    Long-term to dos
    Short-term things to buy
    Long-term things to buy
    Blog post ideas
    Topics to journal about
    Projects and their respective to dos
    Monthly to dos
    Weekly to dos
    Daily to dos

    Family A5:
    Household project to dos
    Hiking trails
    Bike trails
    Day trip ideas
    To buy for the house
    Full address book

    Happiness Binder:
    Exercise routines
    Inspirational quotes
    Inspirational music
    Happiness notes

    What will be my reference binder:
    Books I've read
    Movies I've seen
    Blog posts I've written

    That's all I can remember off the top of my head. I too love lists.

  10. In my everyday filo, the personal teal finchley, the lists are:
    -List of accounts usernames & passwords
    -Lists of places to see/things to do in Nashville

    And, since my phone is beginning to fail me, I have finally moved those list's from my memo pad, to my filo. These are:
    -Movies to see by genre and region
    -The 13 things I hope to come of the new year
    -Shopping lists
    *Clothes/Shoes/Handbags I Like
    *Electronics I Want/Need
    *Filos I Want
    *Gift ideas for friends and family
    *Beauty products I Want/Need
    -A list of characters who I love and why
    -Artist I would like to check out
    -Dogs to consider getting(I had to put mine to sleep, and am taking alot of consideration into purchasing a new one)
    -Hair colors to try
    -Potential Names for my New Car
    -Books to Read by Genre and Region
    -A list of Filofax Sightings
    -A list of Character Traits I would like to develop

    I am always adding to these lists. There is no telling to how many more lists I will add in the next month.


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