20 April 2011

What's in your Filofax, NOT on the rings?

One of the many wonderful things about Filofax is that there's loads of pockets in the binders to stick things into. Cards, tickets, scraps of paper, a nail file, some band-aids, and whatever else can fit into the pockets and card slots.

What do you have in your Filofax that's NOT on the rings?


  1. In my Pocket Filofax I additionally have my Passport, paper driving licence, European health card, French health card, bank cards (UK), contact cards, money (coins and notes)

    In my personal I also carry a couple of sheets of headed note paper, which can be handy for leaving notes when people are out, or you have to suddenly send a letter.

  2. ... oh yes, the pockets. Well, mine of my ol' Personal Cavendish do contain my ID-card, a plan of the Paris public transport, a city map of this beloved place on earth, some business cards, a USB drive, health insurance cards Germany and France, some tickets for the métro / RER, 20 € and some coins for emergency cases, some photos and the flght ticket for the carrier to London ...


  3. Map of the London Underground (I have the Filofax one but also like the portable ones you can pick up at the stations to pull out and scribble on). Plasters (Peppa Pig!) and compeed plasters (for blisters from running). 4 address stickers for letters and some AIrMail stickers (always a pain to locate at the Post Office) and those stick on page markers (coloured ones which are slimmer than the Filofax ones). Also a couple of little pictures hat my children have drawn....

  4. Currently in my personal domino pockets I have a few receipts, a list of low point fast food (weight watchers), an invoice for an order that was missing items, and an old jury duty notice. I now realize I can throw most of this stuff away...

  5. Inside: Open Water Diver card, national insurance number card, blood donor card, a jot pad, sticky index tabs.
    In the Kendal outside pocket: printout from Remember the Milk, GTD & paper planners/organizers document, notes about GTD & my most recent brain dump.
    Pen: pink Lamy Safari fountain pen (fits in the pen loop, yay).

  6. On my day-to-day Filofax zipper I have a Vietnamese good luck charm and a scrabble tile with my initial on it.

    In the pockets are all sorts of business cards (inc. my own) and some scraps of paper that are important to me but will mean nothing to anyone else.

  7. Personal Malden: petty cash, stamps, debit card, mass card from Grandmother's funeral, photo of kids, business cards, appointment cards, a few quarters, card of St. Francis Prayer.

    More stuff than I thought before the inventory!

  8. In inside pockets of my Cuban Zip: debit card, driver's license.
    In 3 clear envelopes, various fortunes, quotes and pictures from magazines.
    In bus. card holder: pictures of my children.
    Crammed in the back: a picture of Scotland, my dream AND the ubiquitous Hello Kitty Stickers!
    Yes, my Filofax is fluffy and stuffy, I loves it!

  9. I'm just getting back from a few days in Bogota, Colombia, where my Guildford acts as wallet, thus:

    Left-side card pockets contain credit card, health insurance and NYC Metrocard (I take public transit to and from JFK airport);

    In the left-side "multi-pocket" fits my US Passport unexpectedly perfectly;

    In the left side vertical pocket I have $60USD and 100,000 Colombian pesos;

    In the right side zip pocket are:

    a business card from an Uruguayan steakhouse in the Usaquén neighborhood, where the parillada was made from old bicycle parts;

    a receipt for deposit on a bespoke two button business suit, slacks and 2 dress shirts from a tailor in the Chapinero district.

    In the single pen holder I slot in a Fisher AG-7 Space Pen (M blue), and hung in by its clip is a Sailor 1911 Mid-Size demonstrator with a F nib.

    I'll try to post photos the next time I travel - the Guildford really comes into its own overstuffed like this.

  10. Work A5 filofax (jade Finchley):
    LHS pockets - business cards, scrap paper (that I use for daily to-do lists). Zipped pocket - USB stick.
    RHS slot pocket - notepad.

    'Home' A5 filofax (red Finchley) is actually currently pretty empty in the pockets. Not sure why! I sometimes tuck a cartesio notebook into the full vertical pocket on the LHS. I don't even have a notepad in the slot for one... Hmmm....

    'carry about/in-the-handbag-filofax' (pink Baroque personal. I've only just started to carry this around as a new experiment having failed miserably with personal size ones before).
    LHS credit-card slots - bank and credit cards and vouchers for shops and stamps and some paper money; zipped pocket - coins;
    technically on the rings I guess, but not paper - my supermarket loyalty card (has a hole in it and is meant to be on a keyring but is on my filofax ring) and in a plastic pocket I have a card made in Malawi which makes me smile when I look at it, and a photo of me and my DH (which also makes me smile!).

    Having read everyone else's posts I realise how dull I am!! Sorry!

  11. i am using my green windsor at the moment which has `four $.44 stamps
    `the last holiday card from the family
    `a receipt from a great road trip
    `a sentimental gift certificate for a rifle and pistol lesson
    `pictures that i wish i could put on the rings but i dont want to put holes in them
    `a packing list for traveling
    `a scrapsheet of paper with a logo idea on it
    `index card with a list of books on it i would like to buy from bookculture in nyc
    `an index card with a list of things i need to discuss with a friend when i see them next

  12. My pockets may seem quite boring in comparison. But my everyday filo is a personal Finchley in teal. I adore her so! Anyhow, in tghe front left pockets I carry my library card, my museum membership card(a birthday present from my former beau!), My student ID, and my 3 insurence cards(health, dental, perccription). Nothing spectaculat there, except for my museum membership card, which gets me discounts at pretty much every major musuem in the country, including MoMA, and Guggenheim! But I will not carry on about that, even though I could.

    In the front pocket I will carry post-its of all sizes. The back zip pocket, however, usually will hold my passport, my Ipod, and extra led and erasers for my mechanical pencil.

    In the pen loop I hold 3 writing utensils, a Sharpie Accent liquid highlighter, a Uni-Ball Signo 207, and a generic mechanical pencil. All of them in purple. The pencil is purple but writes in normal lead.

    Well that is my filo!

  13. Hi, in most of my Filofax under the clasp are 3 Code letters which I would presume have something to do with the build date? maybe.
    has anyone els noticed this? and has anyone got a Key?
    Exceptions seem to be Finsbury, and earlier Made in England ones.
    You can also find them hidden away in Slimlines.

    regards, Derek.

  14. @derekstraub good question! i never noticed that! my green windsor says EF8 and my yellow piccadilly says KIJ. both are personal. i have an older green piccadilly but the tab is so beat up i can not read the code anymore.

    you may want to ask this again on a FFAT or FFAF a this thread is sort of dead. it would be interesting to find out what other codes there are to be found.