17 April 2011

Web Finds

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  1. Looks like the US msy get the loved/disliked Vintage Pink Malden and that lovely ultra violet Domino in July along with some other items not seen on the UK Filofax site:

    The Holburn: Malden meets Adelphi minus diamond design

    The Enigmna: snakeskin meets multi-tonal colors (?). Hmmn...

    The Osterley: Amazona meets Classic in some pretty colors

    The Regency: touted as a "men's organizer" with subtle ostrich print

    I posted the link so you can at least see these designs. Prices are not available yet. And, no, I don't work for this company.


    These new items aren't even on the Filofax USA site yet. Will have to wait to see what is actually released this summer...

  2. The Osterley looks nice, not sure about the rest... I hope they're available in the UK!!


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