28 April 2011

Guest Post - Waving the flag for Filofax - Jane

Along with many others, I just love a good old fashioned wedding, and especially a Royal Wedding, so I am very much looking forward to the big event on April 29th, when Catherine Middleton and Prince William get married in Westminster Abbey. Like many, I shall be watching it on television, and maybe even on the big screen, which is to be put up in one of our local churches. It is a date which is of course firmly written in my Filofax, along with our street party and neighbourhood celebrations which are to follow in the afternoon and evening.
In the spirit of celebration, I thought that this must be the ideal week in which to share my Union Jack box with you. As you may have guessed, it's my Filofax storage and goodie  box.
What's inside? Well remarkably, quite a selection for such a small box. It holds:
1.  My red Graphic Zip Filofax, with spare pages and inserts,
2.  A Dymo Label Maker, for labelling tabs,
3.  Sticky Avery tabs,
4.  A selection of super sticky post it notes,
5.  Small Moleskine Notebooks, and a small spiral calendar notebook, for meetings. I've decorated these with floral buttons,
6.  Cream card with which to make index pages,
7.  An A5 folder filled with spare event stickers and Filofax event stickers,
8.  Two pencil cases, containing Frixion pens, my favourite Parker pen and a range of pencils and erasers.
     One pencil case is in tan and the other in black, to match my Filofaxes,
9.  Scissors,
10. An A5 Filofax hole punch with tweezers, (to clean out the confetti like hole tags,)
11. My Personal Mode Filofax, currently used for recipes,
12. And finally, a range of small mini jot- pad sized notebooks, on which to make short shopping lists.
Whatever you are doing on April 29th, have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks for sharing your stash! I keep my Filo goodies in a deep purple paper box. Well, I did until I started collecting Filos like bad habits...

    I need to buy a larger storage box--with enough room for just one more Filo (Malden).

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am feeling patriotic too. It is a lovely storage box. DH got me a large Union Jack Cushion which I placed on the huge chair in his study. Also I have used the London stickers you gave me to decorate my new planner. I really love them. Thanks soooooo much!

    @Sandra I think a crimson Malden would be a patriotic addition to your larger storage box :-)

  3. Thanks CP, thanks Sandra!! Glad you like the box and the stickers!!! I love those Union Jack cushions too.Such fun!!! I agree that the Crimson Malden is a super colour. Don't normally go for red, but like that particular one.


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