10 April 2011

Mulberry Inserts in Filofax Organisers.

We have seen quite a bit of discussion and interest in Mulberry Organisers/Refills whilst they look similar in size to Filofax, they needed further investigation to confirm the page sizes and hole spacings.

I'm very grateful for Mulberry Customer Services for supplying the information below.

Parameter(Filofax/Mulberry) Filofax Mulberry
Paper size (Pocket) 120x81 mm 120x76mm
Paper size (Personal/Agenda) 171x95 mm 149x105mm (A6)
Paper size (A5/Planner) 210x148mm 209x147mm
'3 ring spacing' 19mm (3/4") 19mm
Ring Spacing between rings 3 and 4 (Pocket) 19mm 19mm
Ring Spacing between rings 3 and 4 (Personal/Agenda) 50mm 38mm
Ring Spacing between rings 3 and 4 (A5/Planner) 70mm 50mm

Examining the figures for the A5 size and drawing the locations of the holes on a plain sheet of paper. The only holes that are in the same location are holes 3 and 4 on the Filofax line up with holes 2 and 5 on a Mulberry sheet.

As you will see holes 1 and 6 on the Mulberry set are very close to holes 2 and 5 on the Filofax set, this might be a problem with long term use.

Going back to Quo Vadis for a moment, their Timer 14 (Pocket Filofax) and Timer 17 (Personal Filofax) use exactly the same hole spacing as Filofax so no  need to re-punch. However, their Timer 21 (Filofax A5) uses slightly different ring spacing.  The '3 ring spacing' is still 19 mm, but the distance between holes 3 and 4 is 50 mm. This results in the 3 holes being offset from the Filofax 3 holes as shown below.

As you will see the holes are equally spaced between each other. In use I've not experienced any 'hole tearing' with the QV Timer 21 inserts when used in an A5 Filofax


  1. have you seen the mulberry binders though? if i won the lottery... TOTALLY worth the odd paper.

  2. I have a Mulberry agenda in Oak and nothing wears like that leather. It is gorgeous!

  3. Hi I have a mulberry A5 binder but want to use Filofax inserts in it due to the range . I tried to use the filofax inserts and punch them to fit the mulberry but its not the same. New i am thinking of getting a Filofax A5 but am utterly confused which one to get. This would be for office use. Any tips would help. I looked at the zipped vs the normal option now am more confused.

  4. I recently bought a Mulberry - the one that is close in size to the Filofax Personal - after ordering expensive refills from Mulberry I found some old Franklin Covey inserts for my pocket FC and they fit the Mulberry!! So PSC - I bet the Classic FC refills will fit your Mulberry A5!

  5. Hate to disappoint you but the FC A5 is very different to Mulberry A5 in hole spacing.
    FC use inch and two inch spacing

    I've got a large post on hole spacings coming up in the new year that will hopefully clarify all the differences. Very few A5's are the same...

  6. Sorry to be commenting on this post so late in the day (I hope you are still picking up comments - fingers crossed) - my very very long search to try and find out what standard inserts I can buy (if any) to fit my Mulberry personal/ agenda brought me here... I would loe to know if there are any? I just find that Mulberry don't have anywhere near the range of choices I would like. I am goign to try and source the FC inserts mywormy mentions above...fingers crossed - if you have any more tips then i would love love love to hear from you :-)