27 May 2011

Copying of Content from Philofaxy - Part 2. UpDated

Firstly it was not my intention to create any negative comments between readers this morning. I've taken down the original post to prevent further bad feelings.

I suppose my initial anger, shock, reaction shouldn't have been shared with you all in the first place.  I have a fairly short fuse at times, which I'm trying to remedy, something I inherited from my late father I suppose.

Having had an hour or so away from the internet to think this thing through. I have decided that whilst it might be worth pursuing this person or persons unknown by what ever legal means are open to us, is there any point? It can't have been any accident that over 16 posts from Philofaxy where taken partly or fully and used on their own website. It was done in such a bad way as well.

Comments on the posts on their site were taken from comments on other posts on our site. Photos where not used from our posts but where pinched (linked to) from Flickr or else where. So for instance my post about using my slimline as a wallet had got the pictures of the contents of a ladies handbag... now you know I use a man-bag.. but I draw the line at using make up!!!! Yes you have to see the funny side of their clumsy way of doing this I suppose.

So please let this be the last on this topic. Let's get back to enjoying and discussing our real love... you are such a great bunch of people and it would truly hurt my feelings if any of you thought that you couldn't comment or enjoy the site because of some fear or bias of any type. 

Thank you for your offers of help and continued support.

There is a Happy Ending... well sort of...  I have received the following email:


I have removed all posts you list from the site. Sorry for inconvenience.

Best Regards,
Well he hasn't quite removed all of the articles, I've sent him the link to a couple of others that he seems to have missed. But hopefully they too will be gone soon.


  1. I see this in my job almost every day :( And you are probably right. It's extremely hard to prevent people from doing it. Even more, when the owner is in a foreign country. Sorry, that your precious content has been stolen, but - on the other hand - be proud! The content is worth being stolen! Every single letter of it!!!

    Best wishes, Thomas

  2. Steve,
    In commenting on Philofaxy I would never think that in any way there is any bias, quite the opposite, it is extremely fair & open to all points of view.
    All of us I think would take any opportunity to thank you for moderating so well and aiding us in being part of such an enjoyable & obviously covetable group/blog.
    Many thanks & have a great weekend


  3. Hello! I saw the original post this morning but could not comment until now (so I do not know what the comments were that caused the posts to remove). As an academic I view this form of plagiarism as unprofessional, as a human being I see it as being really, really rude and cheeky.

    The content and community spirit on here is wonderful and you are a key part of that. It is sad that you feel fed-up that some-one has stolen the sites content (and is understandable that you are angry). I have no knowledge on copyright law but know there is some-thing called ?creative commons license (not sure if that applies here). Maybe a statement about copyright could be added to the site (will e-mail off here).

    Best wishes... Alison

    PS Is it wrong that I chuckled at the make-up comment that you made?!

  4. i agree with tommes. i love this site --- the forum you have provided however is un-copyable. thanks for all the love you put into daily! cin-cin to you! it is memorial day weekend here where we remember and are soooo thankful for all who fight for our freedoms. please have a wonderful beautiful long holiday weekend.

  5. I missed the earlier post and comments, but I just want to say, thank you for being on top of this. This is a great blog and community and both are invaluable to many people, myself included. It's a shame that this happened at all, so thank you for noticing and taking action in any form. This blog would not be what it is without you!

  6. I've missed the early posts about copying of content, but was contacted by few of my readers and yourself about this issue. It's sad that some bloggers have no respect for copy writing and all efforts we put into what we do. My blog post was stolen as well as your and I appriciate all the support and help from you guys. Hope this blogger will learn his lesson.


  7. Steve,

    I did not see the earlier post, but reading this one leads me to echo what others have said: thank you for moderating an outstanding blog that is filled with Filofaxes, facts, fanaticism (a little!), and fun. I regret that someone else committed plagiarism and stole your intellectual property (as Alison wrote). Stealing is unethical and makes me angry for you and others injured by this horrible behavior.

    Thank you for all that you do here at Philofaxy. A thank you does to Nan and Laurie as well!

    Take care,

  8. Hi all,

    Did not see the first one either but I agree with our Globe Trotting Cacti: it is unprofessional! I ma not a IP lawyer but we have something called "fair use." Fair use is taking a quote, maybe one paragraph, giving your opinion about it and then linking to the original text. That is allowed and only serves the original author to get his/her work out to a broader audience. "Lifting" the text as in copy and past the whole thing, is not fair use unless you have the author's explicit permission and you have to mention that above or at the end of the post "reprinted by permissions of....."

    That said, continue as you do, they have the headsup now that everyone is watching. We know where the originals come from!

    Hope to see you in July!!!!

    A (Blogger identifies me as A but my name is Alice)

  9. I also missed the earlier conversation, but thanks for being on top of this, Steve! I admit I was a bit confused by the Twitter message this morning telling me my post had been "pinched."

    I did just check again, and the link still works where my post on the Mini Midwest Meetup was stolen. I'm sure it will be resolved, but will keep you updated if I still see it up for a long period of time.

    Thanks for keeping this community amazing!!!

  10. Hi
    The earlier post is now back on line but without the comments, it's just there as an announcement and to complete the picture as it were.

    The content directly taken from Philofaxy has now been removed from the other site. Although there are still 2-3 posts from other blogs that we know that are still on there.

    A request has been sent to the blogger to remove these as well. I will chase him up again tomorrow if that content still remains on his site.


  11. As Rudyard Kipling put it, "They copied all they could follow, but they couldn't copy my mind--and I left 'em sweatin' and stealin'--a year and a half behind."