10 May 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 14

Do you ever get asked 'Why do you need so many Filofax organisers?'

It is just not the sort of question you ask of a Philofaxer is it..!!!!

So what devilish questions do you have for us this week?


  1. My wife asks me all the time. I respond by asking how much Grindley china she needs to buy... :-)

    Seriously, she doesn't get it, but lets me indulge my obsession more often than she should. And it works both ways.


    Pete Mac

  2. And Filofaxes are both a visual AND tactile collectible (and olfactory for some!), unlike china!

    Does anyone know WHY Filofaxes so easily become an obsession?! I don't have the same obsession with Franklin Covey or DayTimer ...

  3. I have been trying to find my "perfect" filofax and after many false starts (all headed to Ebay) I have ended up with the Filofax Malden in Ochre after stalking Philofaxy for a few months. I really wanted a binder that would look great in a couple of years once it has developed a patina. I would love my filofax to look loved and feel fabulous. My filofax arrived last week and I am somewhat disappointed with the dryness of the leather and its almost yellow spots. I am wondering if any of you Ochre owners have treated your leather with a conditioner? or linseed oil? My family thinks I am crazy (and maybe I need more going on in my life...) but I have been trying to deepen the color of my binder and smooth its leather by placing it in the sun (for a tan!) and also putting lotion on my hands and then massaging some into the leather.

    I am curious how other ochres are wearing! Or should I have chosen another color...agh! So hard, I live in the USA and do not have a stockist near me with the Maldens to see in person.

    Thank you so much for sharing! Wendy

  4. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.


    Hailey William

  5. For Hailey and anyone else who wants to get in touch, the address is at the top of the 'About' page....


  6. I'm not sure why, but I think I have so many Filofaxes because there is too much choice and I can't settle on one! In some ways I wish that instead of bringing out so many new models, that they would be more inventive with inserts. I am a typical gemini - I have dual personalities so different filofaxe designs feed different parts of my personality!

  7. I have been addicted to Filofaxes for a long time and wonder if it is helped along with that ever elusive search for the 'perfect filo'.

    Although a bespoke service would be great I don't think it would solve the problem. There are always new and enticing colours and leather textures to 'add' to the ever growing collection.

    Although DH doesn't 'get it' I can say the same for his love of gadgets.

    We all have something we like to spend our money on be it China, Handbags, Shoes, Gadgets, Filofaxes, dining out or fine wine the list goes on.

    I think that those who make such comments don't look at their own spending habits.

    Having said all this I do wonder myself why I am obsessed with filos? Reading Philofaxy and knowing there are other like minded people out their makes me feel a whole lot better about it.

  8. @Wendy: I once held an Ochre Malden, but didn't like the feel of the leather either, because it felt dry and wrinkled. The black and crimson are much smoother and shinier. My guess is that the Ochre has received a different treatment.
    That said, Iris has an Ochre Malden, and that one does look a lot smoother than the one I held. If you are really dissatisfied, you might wanna return it. Could after all be a faulty one?

  9. Can you ever have too many?

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  11. Every one of my Filofaxes has a purpose. Most hold extra paper and inserts. One holds future diary pages and one holds past diary pages. Then there are the special binders - Happiness binder, reference binder, knitting binder. So this is why I need so many Filos - for all the different purposes. Of course, it's just fun to collect them too.
    And it is funny how Filofax has become a collection, whereas I don't have any DayTimer or Franklin Covey binders either. I think Filofax just has a good variety of choices. And of course, you always want more.

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  13. I have started a GTD Filofax this week. Really enjoying getting that set up. Think the setting up part is such fun. Probably why we all have several Filofaxes. A change of size and colour from time to time, as our lives and needs change is lovely too. There is something exciting about the anticipation of a new Filofax too.

  14. It's true, my Malden's leather is rather smooth and shiny - but due to the Ochre's "vintage" look (must be some special leather treatment), every single one looks slightly different. When I bought mine at the Filofax Centre in London last year, I insisted on buying the one which had been sitting on the shelf because it looked much nicer then the one she got for me from the stock.

  15. BF insists that I go digital. He just doesn't understand that it's the writing and crossing out that makes me feel so good after I've accomplished a to do. ;)

    We're starting a diet together this week, and I can't wait to use the A5 that I won on ebay. It should be in my mailbox when I get home. :3

    I guess he doesn't understand my Filofaxes the way I don't understand all his kitchen unitaskers.

  16. i am pretty happy with my filofax. dont get me wrong i would love a red amazon or an aqua finchley or to see an osterly in real life but my filofax is just fine.

    the only thing i miss is a notepad. my model does not have a space for a notepad like some of the others do

  17. @ Wendy- Welcome to Filo in the US! I knew I wanted the Malden, but couldn't decide on a color and couldn't find a single place to see one in person (until Sandra came along!)

    I was intrigued by the ochre, but had heard people with the same complaints you have. I ended up with the crimson and am loving it, I know several people with the black love theirs too. Of course, many people are thrilled with the ochre, but I think as Iris mentioned you have to be very choosy with the color.

    Hoping you find your perfect Filo soon!

  18. Jotje commented on one of my Filofax photos on my Flickr page that she'd like to see a post about how I have my Pocket Malden set up. I went ahead and wrote something up with more pictures, it's on my Blogger page.

  19. @Wendy : I have a Malden in ochre also, and mine is also very smooth and shiny, no yellow spots. From what I've heard, I seem to be in the minority!

    I am not one for collecting filos - my first was a chili Cuban, and now my ochre Malden. I think I've found my perfect filo in the Malden. However, I am obsessed with seeing how people use and organize their filos. I stalk flickr and Philofaxy, hoping to see pictures of how people arrange everything.

  20. Thanks so much for the feedback regarding my Filofax Malden in Ochre. SInce I haven't officially moved into it yet (still living in my domino...) I am opening myself to the possibility of returning it. So I've ordered both a black and crimson filofax and then can compare all 3. This is what I should have done in the first place but I really liked the look of the ochre. My other option was to order a few ochres so that I could pick out a nice shiny one but was worried that all the USA maldens would be similar. Of course I will have to scramble to make a decision so that I can return the extra binders before my credit card billing statement ends! Thanks again, I love hearing about other people's Filofax experiences.


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