23 May 2011

Big Rings Little Rings

So at last I've received a replacement A5 Malden with the correct 30 mm rings. A big big thank you to Filofax customer service in UK, they were very helpful throughout this whole saga, which started soon after I bought it in London at the meet up back in March, two months ago! You can read what happened in my earlier posts.

So what is the difference between 25 mm rings and 30 mm rings?

As you can see above, looking at them like this the difference isn't that obvious is it? Which is which? Well the top one is the 25 mm ring one and the bottom one is fitted with the 30 mm rings.

However, looking that them from above like this, you can see quite a marked difference between the two ring mechanisms and why the 30mm rings will hold considerably more pages...

So I've already set up the smaller ring one with a 2011 Business A5 diary insert I picked up in UK for £1 this week in a shop sale in Heswall and I've moved the A5 fill from the smaller ringed Malden to the larger ring one. I will post an up date once both are fully set up.


  1. I think they should have gone for the 25mm Malden! Many of us these days prefer a much slimmer organiser as stuff that used to bulk out a Filofax is now so often held on a laptop/ pda or iPhone. I would much prefer 25mm to 30mm - but really yearn for the day they produce a genuine 20mm suitable for men (unlike the Adelphi). That would look really slick! Around 5 years ago, there ws a 19mm A5 "Executive" model, but there seems to be no old stock anywhere!

  2. Hi Tim
    Most of the other all leather A5's are supplied with 25 mm rings. But the Malden and the Kendal come with 30 mm.

    The Finsbury is also 30 mm but it isn't full leather, which is what I was looking for.

    Quite a few non-leather A5's also come with the 30 mm rings. So there is quite a choice. But as you said only the Adelphi with the 20 mm rings.

  3. I have 2 30cm Graphic A5s. One is for GTD, which I am trying out and the other for diary,daily agenda, addresses and computer info. The GTD one could easily be a 25mm one instead. GTD stays at home and A5 is for work/social.I use a spiral notebook for capturing, whilst away from my at home GTD. Seems to be working so far.... but early days.

  4. Steve - I currently use an A5 Kendal so am well used to those big, fat, 30mm rings. As a left-hander, I fight the battle with them daily! Whilst I would love to still live in the era when a fat Filofax suggested being well organised and successful, this no longer presents the positive image at meetings it once did. A very slim A5 organiser coupled with a portable computer gadget of some kind is how it has to be these days! Whilst some may disagree, the standard black organisers you mention, also now look rather dated and old fashioned in business.

    Sadly, Filofax seems to want to appeal to young women as their core market. The ochre or grey Malden in A5 with small rings would have been a great model for us "computerised but still love paper", trying to be fasionable, kind of guys!

  5. Out of curiosity, are all the "personal" sized binders the same ring size, i.e. 7/8 or 15/16"?

  6. Steve
    Are you keeping both Maldens? Or are you sending the 25mm ring Malden back? Just curious.

  7. Heh Erin - If he does, or if knows where there are some more (and there must be - somewhere!) I want first refusal, as I think the semi-formal slim look is great!

  8. Erin and Tim.
    No, I'm keeping them both. The 25 mm one has been used ok only for 2 months, and it's not as per their catalogue.

    Plus they haven't sent me any money for posting it back to them in UK from France, which would be quite expensive given the size and weight. I think they have written it off.

    Especially if you add in the staff time this thing has taken. Also taking it off of the German site when it was just about to be released. I suspect the ones they had in Germany will have had to be returned to UK for the correct size ones etc etc.

    They just seemed grateful for pointing this out to them otherwise it would have cost them a lot more in replacing them to other (less co-operative) customers...

    As for getting hold of any of the 25 mm ones.. sorry I can't help, I'm not sure how many were produced. I got mine from Neal Street. May be contact them if you are still interested.

  9. They still had 25mm ones on display in Neal Street a couple of weeks ago. No reduction in price though.. I suspect these are still from the same original batch.