05 May 2011

End of Term Exams - Answers

Thank you to all of you who have returned their exam papers. Overall you all scored very highly in your end of term exams. 

So here are the answers....

Q1. What is the name of the manager at the Conduit Street Filofax Store and what is the phone number of the store?
A1. Her name is Brigitte and Laurie met her in April 2010  and the phone number is 0207 499 0457 You have it on speed dial don't you? 

Q2. Where will you find the largest range of Filofax products in Scotland? And name the reader that works there?
A2. We believe it is The Pen Shop in Jenners Department Store in Edinburgh and Craig is 'Mr Filofax' there! 

Q3. What was the title of the 500th post on Philofaxy, and who wrote it?
A3. A Very Special Free For All Friday No. 79 written by Lauri. And we are rapidly approaching the 1000th post!

Q4. Which Guest Poster used a Filofax Travel Pack to organise their trip to St. Petersburg and which model/size did they use?
A4. It was Helen and she used a Pocket Urban.

Q5. How many items in total does Steve carry in his 'man bag' including his pocket Filofax, and what was the make of the bag?
A5. In the photo you will see 8 items  Pen, Car key, torch, house keys, mobile phone, magnifier, reading glasses, Pocket Filofax or 9 items if you add the compact camera mentioned in the post.  There was a little variation on the answers to this question, but I've not been too strict with taking marks away from people on this question. And the bag is a 'Caselogic'

Q6. What brand of wax polish did Steve use to restore his wife's 1980's Personal Filofax? Which by the way she now uses every day!
A6. Kiwi polish

Q7. In the past 12 months which charity has Philofaxy donated to, through the commission earned on sales of Filofax goods?
A7. Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with over £120 raised in the last 12 months.

Q8. What unusual course did Philofaxy readers have between Main and Desert when they met in London in November?
A8. Filofax - At the March meeting it was before the starters!!

Q9. Who is the author of the book Filofax Facts? and in what year was it published?
A9. Ian Sinclair  1988

Q10, Who did Philofaxy send along to the Champagne Launch of the Gourmet Gift Box set, and what gift did she choose?
A10. Oni of course and she came away with a Scanda Personal

Q11. What model and colour is Steve's first Filofax Mini?
A11. A Mini Finchley in red

Q12. Who travelled the furthest to attend the Philofaxy meet up in March was it Thomas or Steve?
A12. Slight trick question this one... Thomas had travelled from Bonn, I had travelled from Misse in France, although on the day I only travelled from Pembury, Kent. But if you take worst case... Thomas travelled approximately 515km, and Steve 503 km !!!

Q13. In terms of Philofaxy units what is the value of an A5 Filofax in Philofaxy units?
A13. It is 0.5 Philofaxy or Philo's for short!

Q14. How many pages are there in the 2010 Philofaxy Yearbook in pdf format?
A14 617 pages... Caution don't press the print icon !!!

Certificates will be emailed to you in the next few days.

Again many thanks for everyone who took part.


  1. At first glance, I may not have answered all questions correctly. But I'm sure, I can proceed to the next term :-)) Happy Philofaxing everybody!!

    All the best wishes, Thomas

  2. I have too manny items, i included the Cd player and Cd case too :-(

  3. Steve, just read your post on Filofax Facts by Ian Sinclair...

    Great Scott! The key Filofax employee, the one responsible for saving the company during the Blitz, was Grace Scurr, not Grace Scutt. After the war she became Chairman, serving until 1976. Sorry to be such a nit-picker, but we're Filofaxers, IT'S WHAT WE DO!

    The book notes that the original market for Filofax was the military and the clergy. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

  4. I think I have 100% Maybe I should switch my PhD from epidemiology to philofaxy? haha.
    Cant wait for my certificate :-)

  5. Thank you, Steve! You enabled me to put off that pesky dissertation for a few minutes to do something fun and educational.

    It was a joy to search for the answers and to read the blog posts I missed the first time they were published.

    I'll frame my cert and post it above my Filo Family Shelf.

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Congratulations to everyone who passed their exams!

    LOL CP, would that PhD degree then be a Doctorate of Philofaxy?

  7. Laurie it sure would! I think Doctor of Philofaxy has a nice ring to it.......
    Maybe I should convert? ;-)

  8. Well the course moderator is going through the exam papers at the moment, there is some 'sucking air between his teeth and shaking of head' Red pen is much in evidence, he's a bit of a tough cookie.

    But I think it's safe to say you have all passed....

  9. I am a Philofaxy University drop out. Wanted to complete the exam but never made it to the exam room. Ah well. There's always the GPD (General Philofaxy Development - Philofaxy Equivalency).

  10. Kanalt, resits will take place in the Autumn term for those people that missed this exam date....

    Philofaxy Enabling will be awarded separately...

    Special awards to Philofaxy Meet Up Co-ordinators, they deserve it!...this time next week....

  11. Thanks Steve! I thought some extra curricular activities might help.


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