15 May 2011

New York Meet Up - Nan

Here are the memories of yesterday I'll always treasure...

When Michele and I sat down to dinner, she looked around the table and asked, "Did you ever think it would turn into this?"

I had never asked myself that question. But the answer is no, I never thought many so people would be reading Philofaxy, let alone getting together for such a joyful meeting!

I'll never forget Kanalt's weeks of preparation, research, and thousands of email exchanges that made this day possible...Michele's waiting outside of Sam Flax for me even as rain threatened so I'd be sure to find my way...Karensa's brand-new Malden...Dasha's well-loved pocket slimline...Kanalt's Happiness Book...Jordan's beautiful crocheted pen case...Mimi's super-perfect handwriting in her commonplace book...Colie's running ahead to Le Pain Quotidien to stake out the big communal table for us.

I feel as if I've known each of you for years, even though we had such a short time to spend together. We came together over a shared love of Filofaxes, but the real connection was in the heart.


  1. Nan, that's such a sweet and touching description of yesterday's meetup!!! I'm glad it turned out to be such a great success (though I had no doubts that it would be ...!)!!!

  2. Nan--

    What a lovely account to read about on this cold Sunday in May. It sounds like you all got along swimmingly, and I so wish I could have traveled to NYC for it.

    Thank you for sharing such a special memory with us. Take care.

  3. Such a wonderful account of what looks to be an amazing time. It is the same way I felt at the two London meet ups. We were not just bonding over filofaxes; it was like meeting long lost family for the first time!

    Thanks to Kanalt for organising and to Nan, Laurie and Steve for such a great blog!

  4. Nan,
    The Philofaxy magic of the London Meet-Ups looks like it travelled across to New York just as I had hoped it would.

    Your account of the day is very touching, because it mirrors the way I felt at the London meet-ups. As CP said we are like a long lost family in a lot of ways.

    It's just impossible to put in to words, but when you experience it you know exactly what I've been trying to say these past few months.

    Thank you everyone.

    Better start planning another meet up!!


  5. What a wonderful description, Nan! I felt the same way, as if finally meeting people I have known for years, though I guess this is the truth anyway. We all hit it off right away and all had a great time.

    Thank you to everyone for their support in putting this together, whether you helped research, offered tips, participated, or just showed your emotional support via Twitter and the blogs. I'm so glad I embarked on this adventure - it was so worth it!

  6. oh nan! that is just the sweetest!

  7. Wow Nan, this is beautiful. And so true. Try as I might, I can never truly explain to anyone how amazing this community is!

  8. wow. beautiful. must have been a really great time! awesome!


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