30 May 2011

Reader Question - Alexandra

Alexandra asks:

Say if you have 6 personals or whatever do you change them according do your mood? i,e I'm in a tan leather mood today or a red mood or a black mood etc etc? or do you buy one...use it..it gets worn..you buy another one and start using that instead but you keep hold of all your old ones? im just asking so i can use this as evidence when i try to convince the OH I need more than one because everyone else does???


  1. Of course you keep the old, well-loved, worn Filofaxes. A Filo for storage of inserts, be it new inserts or old planner pages, makes perfect sense.

    And I think swapping between Filofaxes is perfectly acceptable behavior. Tsk, tsk to your OH for just not "getting it." :)

  2. I have two filofaxes of the same 'type' (baroques) - one fuschia pink (or rose electrique in French!) and the other 'turquoise' (though rather more blue than turquoise to be honest) and my plan is to use the pink one in the summer and the blue one in the winter and change on the equinox.
    That is if all the Malden-enablers don't convert me!!

    And Sandra's right - you need other filos for holding unused pages and also used pages...

  3. Hi Amanda

    Sad but necessary answer.....you don't *need* more than one (unless you alternate sizes, in which case you need one of each preferred size). Or if you use them as static on-the-shelf binders, which IMO isn't what they were designed for.

    Treat them with kindness and they don't wear out if you buy quality in the first place (old proverb - "Buy once, buy wisely"). From the second onwards it's just 'collector's disease'.

    Sorry to disappoint!


  4. I definitely suffer with collector's disease! I have to agree with David here, you really only need one filofax! Just like you really only need one pair of shoes, one handbag etc etc.

    But I don't live by those rules (me- one handbag! NEVER!) so do whatever makes you happy! hehe! Once you don't have to beg, borrow or steal to finance your habit/addiction!


  5. A slimline fax has to be colour co-ordinated to match a suit. I have black, dark blue, brown, chestnut and cream slimlines, but no grey! There are lots of options for women, but men lack choice in stylish or traditional themes.

    Another example of a lack of joined up thinking at Filofax HQ!

  6. I have to politely disagree with the folks who say you only "need" one Filofax. There are so many possibilities for use beyond diary and contacts. For example, I use one to keep track of Medical for myself and my family. (We travel and move so often this Filofax is our only continuity for medical records.) I have a tabbed section for each person and have a list of vaccines received and when boosters are due; dates and results of medical and dental exams; medications; significant medical events. Etc. The personal size Filofax is perfect to hold lots of info yet take with me to the doctor's or while traveling.

    This is just one example of the different uses for a Filofax. Many of us have a designated Travel Filofax. Some have for crafting. Some of us use one for our Fly Lady Control Journal. There are so many uses, I'm sure you'll figure out what to do with any "extra" Filofaxes!

  7. We have this saying...It`s always about content not form. Sorry for my english :o) I agree with Laurie, that you can find different use for more than one filofax, but I can`t really imagine to change them as handbag every othe day. To be honest...I've tried so many styles, sizes, but I always come back to my 6 years old (first) filofax.

  8. I actually do both: change binders because of mood, plus having differnt binders for different purposes! Spare inserts and archives go in boxes, because I feel it's a shame to use a binder for it. If I really don't use a binder that much, I am selling it again. Just sold my Personal Kendal. Loved it very very much, but used it too rarely. It went to a good home though!

  9. I do change my binders with my mood, but also when I want to use a binder with a certain feature, like size or specific pockets, etc. I have about a dozen personal binders and they always were switched to coordinate with my handbag, or at the very least to *fit* in my bag.
    I've recently switched to pocket size and have two binders. The one I'm using now is thinner and has fewer pockets. When I feel like I need the features of the bigger binder I'll switch.
    I don't, however, keep multiple binders going at once.

  10. That is a pretty great question.

    I currently have 2 personal Filos with my sights set on 2 more. The intention is to have a Filo for every season.

    My Godmother always said, you can't buy quality, you make quality.

    She was an advocate of minimalism. She preached that taking care of what you have, will allow you to never want for more.

    I put my own little twist on that to justify owning 4 personal Filos.

    One for each season will allow the upkeep of each organiser.

    Teal Finchley for the spring, a bright color to bring you back to life after a dismal winter.

    Gooseberry Domino for the summer,as it is easy to clean and quite lightweight.

    A Green Epping for the fall. A little bit collegiate and great in contrast to the amber autumn skies.

    An Almond Amazona to fit the very classic fashion of the crisp winter.

    Itr just seems so fitting, no?

  11. I too suffer from 'collector's disease' and the subsequent guilt of buying another binder. I don't however subscribe to the 'one life one planner' way of thinking because like Laurie I have different binders for different uses.

    Just like I have different shoes for different occasions eg; trainers for exercising, stilettos for going out, comfortable practical shoes for sightseeing and strappy sandals for summer etc, I have binders for specific purposes.

    This post from last year also addresses the same question. I particularly like the response from BR............ '52 fishing rods'.


    We all have our own 'thing' we just love and can't help ourselves over.

  12. Long time lurker here, but I had to post because I am on the cusp of going from a one-Filo to a two-Filo system.

    For the most part I use just one Filofax (my beloved personal Piazza in Sunflower). But because I use it for both my personal life as well as work, I find myself needing to upgrade to an A5.

    I plan to use my Piazza as my weekend Filofax. The week-on-two pages format should be enough for weekend only tasks and dates, and I'll mainly use it as a notebook/wallet since it's light enough to fit in my weekend bag. Once my A5 arrives, I plan to use that pretty much strictly for work (I'll probably slip a few Personal pages into it, so I can easily transfer into my weekend Filo.)

    I also have a few others that I use as archive/storage/diary/important-info-grab-in-case-of-house-fire books.

    If you are a minimalist and only need one, this website seems to cure people of that. :-)

  13. Yeah, last week my Personal Kendall Brown arrived, while I have a black one. And I do have the Kendall A5.
    So what do I do with them?
    My brown personal is no my everyday tool, I can switch easily to the black one if I like to or if it fits better with my clothes (casual or "chique").
    And my A5, it's on my desk and I take it to meetings.
    But if I had even more FF? Lucky enough I'm a real Kendall fan. On Ebay I tried to get a pocket but someone had a higher bid. After all, what would have been the function of that one? I don't know.
    BTW I also have a Time/system binder leather and a few other T/s binders. Still lokking for functions for them ;-)

  14. Edwin61, can you measure the length of the closing strap on your Kendal A5? I'm trying to find out if my Kendal has the wrong strap. Thanks!

  15. *OMG* *wipes eyes, grabs sides*

    That was hilarious! You only need one Filofax--aahhhh! *sniff* Yeah, sure pal.

    You just haven't met the Enablers Club yet...

    @Saffronia Ooohhh, Almond Amazona. BEAUTIFUL!

    Collecting isn't a disease, it's a hobby! People certainly collect far odder things...

  16. I always say, there are far worse things to be addicted to than Filofax. And anyway, I can stop any time.

  17. @plaiditude My reaction is a little later. The strip measures 10.5 cm including the part at the backside. From the back of the binder to the front leaves 7 cm. That works for me beacause I don't carry around to much stuff in my A5, just what is necessary.


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