04 May 2011

What's in your Filofax?: Accessories

Part 3 of our What's in your Filofax? series is about the plethora of accessories you can add into your Filofax. Maps, envelopes, even non-Filofax ones (the ultra-handy Swing Pad by FC comes to mind).

In my long-term Filofax (which is my Personal Deco) I keep:

Clear page marker/ rulers in my Monthly and Weekly pages

Sticky Notes accessory

Filofax Stickers

Maps: International, Europe (which is so old it still has Yugoslavia), and Scotland (from the Filofax British Isles maps)

DayRunner calculator that I've had since 1995 which I love because it can face left or right on the rings (click here to see a photo)

Business card holder

Clear top-opening envelope

What accessories do you keep in your Filofax?


  1. Lips post it notes
    sharpie marker
    filofax page markers
    business card holders
    london underground map
    memory stick

    in my A5 finsbury :-)

  2. Clear plastic envelope, extra plastic card holder inserts and that ever-so-handy Franklin Covey Swing Pad : )

    In a Personal Malden

  3. Maps (Europe, BENELUX)
    folding project planning insert
    clear rulers in Weekly and Monthly overviews
    clear top-opening pockets
    clear business card holders
    clear dividers
    additional tab pages (for financial, ride registration, article and logistics price lists and my diary)
    Post-it note (normal size)

    I intend to get:

    ruler calculator
    post-it ruler
    city maps (Amsterdam, Paris, Oslo, Cologne)

    All this in a SENIOR sized Succes "Hunter"

  4. does anyone know where I could get my hands on a FC swing pad? preferably in the UK or online? thanks!!

  5. two top opening envelopes (one for mementos, one coupons)
    zip envelope (stamps and paper clips)
    two black rulers
    world map
    Filofax stickers
    business card holder (for insurance cards and blood card)
    Filofax post-it notes
    black Frixion pen

    All in a Personal Domino (soon to be transferred to Personal MALDEN!!!)

  6. In my Pocket Malden:
    Two top-opening envelopes (one for cards, one with my Northwest Forest Pass)
    Page flags
    Filo stickers
    black ruler
    Reinforcing sheets

    I used to have a lot more in my Personal size binder(s), but I've decided to really pare down to the essentials. It's working out so far . . .

  7. Not too many accessories on my Filo. In my personal Fincley:

    Top opening envelope
    Black Filo Ruler
    2 FC Business Card Holders
    2 FC side zip envelopes

  8. In my A5 Domino: Three plastic folders (personal sized fit in the A5) for pictures etc., pad of post-its - stuck to the back indexes, business card holder for currently-needed info and off cause the note-pad in the back and a ruler for "today".

  9. In my mini piazza that I use as a wallet I keep store discount cards and library cards that go on your keyring on the rings. That way they don't get all smashed up and torn. :D

    In my personal sized Filo I lots of clear zippered pockets.

  10. In my A5 Finchley at work:
    World map and time zones
    spare pad in the back slot
    business cards in the zipped pocket
    "daily-bucket" paper in the front pocket
    A today marker
    an End Polio Now Rotary Bookmark (punched so it pokes out the top and acts like another today tab)

    In my A5 Finchley at home:
    spare pad in the back slot
    top-opening pocket with a valentines card from my DH
    3x End Polio Now bookmarks (er, yes, spot the rotarian here...) again acting as other page markers.

    In my Personal Baroque:
    Vouchers in the front pocket
    Bank/credit-cards in the front pockets
    coins in the zipped pocket
    A top opening clear pocket with a cute card from Malawi, my business cards relating my charity and a pic of me and DH
    A business-card holder carrying store cards, donor cards, etc
    My supermarket loyalty card (stuck on the rings)
    A today marker
    A world map
    [you can see a post about the baroque on my blog - http://paperpensink.blogspot.com/ ]

  11. Magnificent Malden Personal
    Filofax sticky tabs holder
    Mirror (of course)
    World map
    Underground map
    Filofax stickers
    3 today rulers
    Business card holders
    Top opening pockets
    Business cards
    BMA membership cards.
    Finance sheets
    Travel receipts

  12. In my purple personal finchley:
    *filofax stickers
    *today ruler in brown
    *clear top opening envelope
    *multi-purpose holder
    *world map
    *some cute post-its stuck to the dividers for storage

  13. oh, and I feel really stupid, but what's a FC swing pad? When I search for swing pad, the things that come up would not go in a FF! They seem to be golf-related or cushions!

  14. Amanda to save your blushes... it's here:


  15. thanks Steve!! I figured it probably wasn't related to either golf or cushions!

  16. Another Malden here (black personal) has:
    Plastic envelope with a picture from a magazine that I love
    Post-it accessory
    2 rules - one clear, one black
    Filofax stickers (don't know why though - I don't use them)
    another plastic envelope at the back with my father's funeral cards
    a DayRunner note pad for those on-the-go notes I hardly ever take

  17. I have:
    *Filo post-it pad,
    *Uk maps,
    *pink pentel breast cancer campaign pen
    *inside the rings theres a blue stripy bic pencil
    *some reinforcing sheets
    *filo Jot pad
    *post-it page tabs
    *clear business card envelope (that holds my partners buisness card, the other 2 have a pair of lips and a rabbit that my son made using bindeze beads!)
    *In the zip pocket I have a pair of scissors and a leopard print (Bet Lynch-esque) mirror!

    Thats inside my raspberry personal Finsbury.. I may need a sort out soon as its getting rather fat!

  18. I have one of those clear wallets, some non-Filo post-it notes and 4 different stamp books (I want them to be an accessory because there are so many!)

  19. Can't wait! I get my first FILO tomowwow. I ordered the Siena in brown. Very grateful for all of this wonderful info.

  20. Filofax stickers (don't know why though - I don't use them)
    another plastic envelope at the back
    Plastic card
    Plastic card
    Hank Hendricks


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