01 May 2011

Web Finds

Not huge numbers of posts, then again I suspect a lot of people are on holiday:

Enjoy and don't forget we have a Skype chat later today....looking forward to chatting with you then.


  1. great post about the mini meetup! I would love to have one, anyone up for it? I live near Amsterdam...

  2. Hi all

    Just found a red Filofax briefcase on the danish used-site dba.dk.


    It´s really cheap: Around 30 punds. BTW I´m not the seller, just wanted to let you know...

  3. Various meetups sound really great I fear, however, that I have moved to an area sans Filomaniacs.

    Correct me if I am wrong. Are there any Philofaxers in the southern US? IE Nashville, Atlanta, Montgomary, Jackson, New Orleans?

    If you exists, maybe we should have a mini "Southern" Filo meetup!

    Could be nice!

  4. Where exactly are you. I am in Nashville but can definitely make an Atlanta trip!

    Atlanta Filo meetup anyone?

  5. Atlanta meetup would be fine with me -- I'm only two hours away and need to go to IKEA anyway :-)

    But if I bring all my filos, I'm not sure there would be room in my van to bring anything back!

  6. Oh my, Filos and IKEA! Okay people, lets start checking some dates. If an ATL meetup is desired I would love to help organise it. Let me know. My email is saffronia(dot)lily(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Just because we are few and far between doesn't mean we should miss out on all the fun!

  7. Those of you thinking of organising meet ups, don't forget to take a read of my document here:


    A lot of it is common sense, but there might be a tip that you might have over looked.


  8. Thanks Steve,

    That is extremely helpful!

  9. Anytime after June 8 works for me. Might be good to time it for mid-summer when all the academic year planners hit the shelves! Though that's a HOT time in Atlanta.

  10. @Petra, that sounds like a great idea. I looked up some stockist and some eateries. I would love to discuss it with you but would prefer not to flood the Philofaxy comment board with our back in forth. Could you email me with anyother suggestions!

    Thanks. :)