27 May 2011

Copying of content from Philofaxy

I was extremely annoyed (substitute any offending swear words you know) this morning when I came across a site that had stolen the content from Philofaxy and a number of other Filofax related sites. The content in most cases was a direct copy it even has the formatting style of the original writers.

Out of the 48 articles on this site I counted at least 16 of them taken from the Philofaxy site or my own blog.

The articles had been 'revised' to include a lot of Amazon adverts and some photographs had been changed.

I've sent the publisher of the site a request to remove the content, but I don't hold out much hope of it happening being that the site is registered in China. I will be in contact with the bloggers who's content I recognised on the site with the details of the site address, email me if you would like to know the address. I will not be publishing it here. As that will only give them more traffic than they deserve.

The golden rule is to ask before you pinch anything on the web. To do it for your own personal gain as in this case is criminal to say the least.

Not the best start to my day as you can imagine.....