02 May 2011

News Update

Hi Everyone.
Firstly thank you to everyone who joined in on the Round Table Chat yesterday both the text people and the voice chat people. It was great fun and no doubt there will be a post or two from different quarters about what happened in the chat... and afterwards!!

Some other brief news for you...

1. The Osterley is now available in Neal Street, this is one of the new range of organisers that Filofax have released this year. I don't have any other details about colours and sizes, best contact the helpful staff at Neal Street if you are interested.
T: +44 (0) 207 836 1977
E: dyau@filofax.co.uk
Filofax Shop 68 Neal Street Covent Garden London England WC2H 9PF
2. Spotted by Jotje this morning the Chameleon in Compact size on the French site.  Think personal size but only 15 mm rings... or a Slimline with bigger rings and a closure tab. This is another model variation that isn't shown in the UK paper catalogue.

3. News from NYC via Andrew: Borders at Madison Square Garden/Penn Station in NYC is having a closeout sale on binders. 50% off. Saw a couple dozen, lots of pink ones. But some variety still. Many have 2010 inserts. A bit hard to find them , as they're on a low shelf in the back of the store.

Have a good week. 


  1. whoa. i'm kinda digging that compact chameleon...

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  3. The compact Chameleon looks so beautiful. I am quite tempted, even though I am almost certain it would be entirely to small. I like the idea of something so luxurious and thin.

    .....Hmm! Maybe I can reevaluate my Filofax wish list to fit one in?

    On another note, have you seen the compact Luxe? I may have been the only one not to catch this, but the black one looks like the perfect address book. Just imagine my very own "Black Book"!

  4. I have to say the service at FF France is good (for those of you yearning for the compact). I have ordered (far too much!) stuff from them and when a FF came without a map of the world (even though one was listed in the contents) I emailed them to tell them and they posted one out to me straight away - even though I am in Ecosse and not in La Belle France.

    Sorry - does that count as 'enabling'??

  5. I don't need no stinkin' enablin' -- I just got my US Filofax catalog in the mail today! And hubby owes me a birthday present :-)

  6. Whoa -- am I seeing correctly that the compact Osterley has TWO pen loops?! The compact Luxe and Chameleon look like they only have one...

  7. Lol, that chat was amazing. Who knew I needed a worldwide group to make up my mind for me? Stay tuned, I will definitely be doing a "chat and its results" style post- hopefully when I am home from work tonight!

  8. Double whoa -- the A5 Luxe is a slimline, with 20 mm rings (3/4 inch). And it looks far less bulky than the Adelphi, so possibly a true slimline?! Don't know how I feel about the pen loop location though - anyone have experience with those?

  9. Petra, the Adelphi also has the penloop in that place.
    However, the Luxe A5 has even two (!) penloops. I guess the location makes sense, because that would mean the binder is a bit smaller than the "regular" A5's and - big advantage - your register tabs won't be bended by the pen!

  10. That would be great about the tabs, but with the pen pointing inward, you'd have to make sure to retract it or it would be likely to write all over the leather inside! Or even poke at it. Will have to rig something up in one of my binders to check that out :-)