15 May 2011

New York Meet Up - Michele

Yesterday was the Philofaxy New York Meet-Up organised by Kanalt. Twelve Filofax enablers enthusiasts gathered from some considerable distances to meet up in New York City.  

Last nights New York Live post was pulled off of Twitter as the pictures appeared from Jordan (Thank you J). 

Michele has this morning emailed us some pictures and notes to go with them that gives us an even better impression of the day. 

No doubt or I hope there will be more pictures to be added or other blog posts that we can link to about the day.  

So over to Michele to explain the photos(Click on the photos to see a full size version, use the back button on your browser to return to the post):

We all met up in front of the store's window display of Filofaxes! Look closely and you might be able to notice the reflection of Kanalt in the glass... but you will be looking at the different Filofax Organisers!

Kanalt and Nan with their purchases.. Nan was VERY focused on picking out her supplies!
Laurie's ears must have been burning because we were all looking over the Ivory Personal Deco!

Shopping's done...
Back Row: Karensa, Kanalt, Dasha, Mimi, Jordan
Front Row: Nan, Michele, Helen

After we shopped we walked just a few blocks away to have an early dinner.. We had finally decided on La Pain Quotiden, a Belgium menu inspired bakery.  Our table easily fit all 12 of us, and I mentioned to the waiter that we would soon be filling up all the empty space on the table!  He was so amazed by all the filos asking us how many we each owned!
Left side (left to right): Jordan, Mimi, Dasha, Helen (hidden a bit) and Karensa
Right side (left to right): Kelly, Nan, Colie, Kanalt

Colie has the most amazing pen collection.. Jordan and Mim were very intrigued by them...
It was great that Jordan and her boyfriend Brian flew from Chicago, Illinois for the event!

That's a green personal Windsor on the bottom left... Colie won it on Ebay.  I was showing Colie that it was from the older versions of Filofax as it had the gold imprinted "real leather, made in England". So quesiton for Philofaxy: Around what time did the Windsor launch?  Same as the Winchester?

I believe Karensa is inspecting Jordan's crimson Malden.. Karensa and her friend Helen flew in for the event as well (Georgia or Tennessee - sorry, I cannot remember which). That's Jordan and Mimi in front of her... Mimi has the most beautiful handwriting.... we were all looking over her filos and just amazed at her notes ...

So before we left the restaurant after eating a delicious dinner, dessert, wine, tea, etc.. we piled up the filos into a big pile... I think this is the picture all would appreciate more... Malden front and center!!!

Dasha, a very busy law student, and her collection of filofaxes!!!  Thank you Dasha and good luck on your exams! 

Nan had a long commute as well.. From Boston to New York it was a 4 hour trip each way.  She started at 8am and wasn't arriving home until 11pm.  It was really interesting to ask her how she found "Philofaxy.com" and basically getting Steve and Laurie to help grow it...  She had been wanting to start a blog on Filofaxes because EVERYONE had a Moleskin blog...

Thanks to Kanalt for putting together the day.. Not kidding there were about 20 emails on just where we were going to eat!
Thank you Michele I'm sure everyone had a great day, if a little tiring with all the travel. Well done. 


  1. So glad that everyone had a good time!!

  2. Thank you!!!! Wonderful pictures that give us an even better impression of the day (and increase the jealousy!)! I love that stack of filo's! And very "in character" for Colie to wear bright (Piccadilly) green ...;)

  3. Oh wow! Looks like you guys had so much fun! I really wanted to fly across the Atlantic and be there with you.
    Who is going to the win the lottery so we can have an international meet up??
    I would still love an Edinburgh meetup :-)

  4. Great photo's. Love that green Windsor. Wish Filofax would release that colour again.

  5. Edinburgh meet up is being worked on right now, will have news very shortly, stay tuned....

  6. Oh Shepcraig really!! I hope I can make it! ;-)

  7. I'd love to see Mimi's handwriting - just a little obsession of mine! I love anything calligraphy!

  8. Great post Michele! I love that my reflection comes up on a photo of Filofaxes - in every Filofax, there I am, if only as an apparition! ;)

  9. I feel like a celebrity now, lol :)

  10. What a great post! It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

    I want to know what the Filos are in front of Mimi in both of those photos: in one it looks tan, and in the next photo there's a grayish one (Urban perhaps?. And are they Personal size or A5?

  11. Laurie,

    If I remember correctly, the binders in front of Mimi are personal size. One was not a Filofax, but I don't recall the brand. It is a tanish-grayish suede-like binder. Very nice! The other, I forget the name, possibly Urban, but it is a Filofax.

  12. this is great! i love your pics - it's almost as if we're there too in that reflection...heh heh

  13. Hi, everyone. What a great write-up, Michele.

    Laurie: Kanalt's spot-on, I have a personal Urban in slate and a (many years old) fawn-colored suede binder by Designers Guild in front of me. I don't think Designer's Guild makes planners anymore.

    Alison: I'll submit a handwriting sample to Philofaxy soon (on Filofax and related refills, with various pens mentioned/fondled on Saturday?). My handwriting isn't so much calligraphic as it is, perhaps, technical, but it's served me well.

    It was wonderful meeting everyone on Saturday. Kanalt, thanks so much for organizing this event! Colie, thanks for doing so much of the leg-work. Jordan and Karensa, thanks for flying in! The event would not have been so lovely without you.

  14. Nice. I thought I recognized the Urban. Never heard of Designers Guild!

    I've always admired people with very neat handwriting, because mine is so messy!

  15. Looks fab - and that window display is so pretty!!!