10 May 2011

Filofax Hack

So you would like to have a note pad in your Filofax, but your particular binder doesn't have the slot in the back inside cover to hold one....

Well 'The Perpetual Student' has the answer for you.

Take a top opening envelope, trim 6mm off the left hand side of the back card of the note pad and hey presto you have a notepad that will fit your Filofax.

Thank you TPS for this great suggestion.


  1. My hack is slightly different because I balk at Filofax plain paper pricing, including notepads: I use a plain (cheap) 3" x 5" notepad, and insert it in a top opening envelope. If and when I need to store a sheet in a pocket filo, I just punch the relevant sheet(s) with my handy Filofax punch. You DO have a handy Filofax punch, don't you?

  2. I have done this same thing to my personal Filofax. I am not using a Filo notepad, but a Debden one in the same personal size. I have my notepad at the front of my Filo and I am amazed at how much I have used it. Great minds think alike huh?

  3. That is just amazingly clever!!!!!